Thursday, August 3, 2017

July Socks Review: Flying Goat Farm

When Goats Fly!

This month's yarn is farm fresh from Frederick County, Maryland where Flying Goat Farm raises a herd of sheep and goats for a wide range of breed-specific yarns and fibers. Wanting to control the entire yarn production process, they began with just a few Angora goats and have now grown to a 25-acre farm with not just goats and sheep but also guinea fowl, chickens, fruit and nut trees, blueberry bushes and raspberry cane!


We're featuring Corrie Sock, a blend of 75% superwash Corriedale wool and 25% nylon. Corriedale makes a great all-purpose pair of socks with a soft and flexible hand. You'll have 434 yards in each 100 gram skein dyed up in two-tone blends of super-saturated colors and neutral tones.

Top (Bright): Red Flannel, Rose Garden, Sand and Sea
Bottom (Muted): Wine and Chocolate, Cowboy, Leather

Designer Mone Dräger joins us this month with Oregon Trail, a design inspired by the historic east-west wagon route in the United States, which led through steppes, deserts and across rivers and mountains and connected the Missouri River to the valleys of Oregon. It took bends and curves to avoid any barriers and to make it accessible for large-wheeled wagons. The stitch pattern used for this sock, resembles the difficult trail: with small stripes of ribbing seemingly meandering between knit valleys and purl mountains.

Total Value of this Box: $32.60
Flying Goat Farm Corrie Sock: $28
Knit Pattern: $4.60

Your Cost: $19.95

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