Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Luxe Review: Habu Textiles

This quarter, Luxe explored the riches and elegance of Japan. The use of pattern and texture in Japanese art, fashion and history truly reflects the time and practice that they have dedicated to their crafts. This Luxe box was inspired by the artwork of Hokusi, Heroshige, the famous cherry blossoms of Hokkaido, and the beautifully curated Zen gardens of the Buddhist monks in Ryoan-ji, The Temple of the Dragon at Peace, in Kyoto, Japan.

Habu Textiles began as a weaving studio specializing in the highest quality yarn and fabrics with rich and interesting textures.

This box contains three coordinating lace-weight yarns. N-86B Pure Cashmere is 100% cashmere with 606 yards on a 1.5 ounce cone. A-20 Silk Stainless Steel is a blend of 69% stainless steel and 31% silk with 622 yards on a one ounce cone. And A-165 Tokken Silk is 100% raw silk with 598 yards on a once ounce cone.

(Left to right) A-165 Charcoal, A-20 Sky, N-86 Teal

A-165 Wine, A-20 Violet, N-86 Bordeaux

A-165 Camel, A-20 Salmon, N-86 Bright Red

We've paired each colorway with strands of 8/0 seed beads from Bead Biz plus two different beading tools: a beading needle and a steel 0.7 mm beading hook.

With different combinations of yarn held together, designer Lisa Whiting has created two beaded shawls. Cherry Blossoms in a knit shawl with a soft lace body and textured edging beaded with the included beading hook.


Maple Branch is a crochet design inspired by architecture, using the beading needle to pre-strand the matching beads. These pieces will bring out the Zen master in all of you.

Total Value For This Box: $114.62
1.5oz Habu Textiles N86 Pure Cashmere $54.00
1.0oz Habu Textiles A-20 Stainless Steel Silk $26.80
0.5oz Habu Textiles A-165 Tokken Silk $ 13.80
Bead Biz beads: $6.02 (approx)
Beading Hook $1.00
Beading Needle $3.00
Knit Pattern $5
Crochet Pattern $5

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