Friday, November 18, 2016

Free Pattern Friday - Bulk Up

As the weather gets colder, there is nothing like a quick project to keep you warm from head to toe. Big Squeeze from Ancient Arts Fibre was recently featured in Yarnbox Classic in October and is a great choice for these bulky weight patterns.

The Lomond Hat by Littletheorem is in our queue for keeping warm this winter.

Once Upon A Time by Louti 2012 are simple cabled fingerless gloves to help keep off the chill.

The Mecha Mobius by Diane L. Augustin would look beautiful in the colorful variegated tones in Big Squeeze!

These Simple Chunky Cable Crochet Slippers by Tamara Kelly are perfect for keeping your toes warm in the evening.

Looking for Ancient Arts Fibre's Big Squeeze? It's available now in the Yarnbox overstock store.

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