Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Watch Me WIP Event on Ravelry

Hello Boxers!

Brandy here, elvyralani on Ravelry, one of your friendly neighborhood moderators for Yarnbox, and Lisa, yarnboxlisa on ravelry, your creative director at Yarnbox .

We’ve got an exciting event going on over on the Yarnbox Ravelry board, the Watch Me WIP event! The basic idea of the event is to have fun getting through some of those wips taking up your needles so you can get to other Yarnbox projects and maybe win some swag along the way.

Last year was our first year doing this event. We had just over 700 projects entered into the event, ranging from socks to blankets. We had three teams with fun nerdy/knitting name combos: Knights Who Say Knit, Seekers of the Golden Stitch, Fellowship of the WIP. This year we are doing types of woolen animals. Team names are Team Sheep, Team Alpaca, Team Angora.

There were 6 individual prize categories last year but for this year we have 7.
1- Finished Sweater
2- Home/Pets/Blanket
3- Finished Hats
4- Gloves/Mittens/Mits
5- Finished Scarf/Shawl/Cowl/Cape
6- Finished Socks/Slippers
7- Those who finished at least one project

I, Brandy, was on the Knights Who Say Knit and had five projects entered. Sadly I only finished up two of my projects but plenty of people finished all of their projects that they said they would!
Here’s one of my finished item, my Log Cabin scarf.
This year I’m concentrating on two items and one of them was one I entered last year!
Seriously, these socks need some love!

I, Lisa, am being ambitious. I have picked 5 wips, 3 of which are sweaters. We'll see how far I get with these. I would love to get 2 sweaters done, because that means 2 more gifts for the holidays are done. 

1- Inversion-Cardigan: Fiber Co, Arcadia. For myself

2- Going Stag-Pullover: Manos Del Uruguay, Clasica. For my partner.

3- Tesla-Sweater: Cascade,  Eco+. For a friend.

4- Follow Your Arrow 2- Shawl: Dragonfly Fibers, Pixie. For myself.

5- Garland Poncho-Sweater: Blue Sky Alpaca, Melange. for myself.

How do you join?
First get to ravelry and find the event thread or click here. You post up to 5 wips in the event thread, moderators will assign point values to your items based on size and complexity and after the signup period we’ll split everyone up into a few groups and see which group can finish the most items for the biggest point value. Groups will be split up so that they all have around a similar total point value. Sign ups end October 16th and the event runs until December 12. At the end, the team that racked up the most points will earn a special team prize! Everyone will be eligible for the individual prizes though, as long as you finish at least one of your wips! Your projects must have been started before October 5th and you must have at least 20% of the project left for it to qualify. And yes, you can use projects that aren’t using Yarnbox yarn!  

I hope you all will join us, sign ups are still going on.
What wips will you work on?

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