Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Stitched up Spooks!

I am not sure if you can tell, but Halloween is my my favorite holiday. I make something every year for my getup. It is especially fun when I find a character that has great knitwear I can recreate or find a pattern to recreate. For example, Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter had great yarny items, plus their scarves. I know so many knitters and crocheters that have made a house scarf for themselves after taking some online quiz to see where the hat sorted you.  The TV shows Outlander, Call the Midwife, and The Bletchley Circle all had amazing vintage styled knits. I would give anything to have that wardrobe. 

So for this year I am dressing up as Tigris from the Hunger Games. I saw the wrapy cowl thing she wore and her giant fur head piece and I knew I had size 50 needles and a crud ton of yarn in that same color that would make that AMAZING piece. So I am knitting a wrap for my costume and attempting to make a headpiece. I can't wait to post photos on the day so you guys can see. 

What are you guys knitting for your halloween costumes this year? I found two really great stash buster patterns that you can do using leftover scrappy bits that are always left over after you finish a Yarnbox pattern. 

This crochet "Sugar Skull Ski Mask"  by Nadia Faud is a great costume you can easily pull on and off. The mexican heritage of sugar skulls is beautiful tribute to past relatives. What better day than Halloween than to pay homage at the same time getting a sweet treat.

What is more terrifying that someone in a mask? Someone in a mask with an ax! These "Retro Ski Masks" by Jeni Icanknitanything are seriously so funny and so terrifying I couldn't help but think what great Halloween costume. My partner never has time to prepare a costume between work, me, the dog, and his favorite video game, I end up being the one that pulls our looks together every year. I think this would make a great tride and true recyclable costume for him because it is minimal effort with maximum spooks. Sans ax though! Then he also has a new winter hat (which I make him a new one every year because I love him). Win win for both of us!

Have fun with your costumes this year! Tag us on instagram with your stitched up get up and I'll put a piece of Halloween Candy in your next box.

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