Friday, October 7, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Skull Shawls

Halloween is right around the corner so I thought now would be a great time to pull out all my favorite skull themed pieces.

The first is a shawl, Doskallesjal by Kungen Och Majkis, is one that I actually have started and have been meaning to finish for a year now. Maybe it is time that I pull that WIP out and whip it into shape.  This is the only piece this designer has on ravelry. I hope someday they decide to design more cause this piece is wicked cool! Here is mine that I started...

The second piece is a great use of filet crochet to make images in the fabric. Maybe when I am done with the first skully shawl I can make this "Toten Kopfle-Tuch" by Suj Stepha-nie

The first knit skull shawl, "Strychnine" by M. Mario is a great addition to this collection. If I didn't already have a million projects in my que this would... who am I kidding it is now in my Que. I will be knitting for the rest of my life! :D

Last but not least is this amazing double knit "Swing Skulls" shawllette by Tina13 on ravelry. I think the Rauma Mitu from August's Classic box. The red navy would be my choice. :D

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