Friday, October 28, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Fall Foliage

This week for free pattern friday, I thought I would go a little untraditional. I love fall garments but  I couldn't pass up a chance to share this gorgeous fall themed wreath idea that I want to make for my front door! There were so many different leaf motifs and fall foliage patterns to choose from on Ravelry that I could only pick my favorites. You can pick as many or as few leaf designs or colors as you like. Make it to match your house, or to stand out. I have so much red in my stash that if I make a red and green one it can double as a holiday wreath too.  I could even add a few snowflakes once December rolls around. 

I am starting with the knit pieces because I found the most perfect "Woodland Wreath" by Frankie Brown, with leaves and acorns. She has so many different components that you could add to your own wreath to really make it one of a kind! I think for my wreath I am going to mix and match her knit pieces with some of the crochet pieces below. I also love her little toad stools. That will be a must for me. 

For the crochet pieces I found this really lovely and wonderfully accurate "Oak Leaf" pattern by "In the Yarn Garden" on Ravelry. These would make a lovely companion to the knit oak leaves by Frankie.

These "Acorns and Nuts for Autumn" by Sonja Van Der Wijk are just as cute as a button! I might even make a whole bowl of these to be the center-piece of my thanksgiving table.

There is so much you can do with yarn and making art objects that bring you joy, I feel, is a really big part of why I am a knitter. I love wearing my work, but being able to appreciate non wearables is just as enjoyable! 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Sock Review: Lattes and Llamas.

This yarn is like my morning coffee, I can't live without it!!

Grab a cup of coffee and your needles, because we are in for a good sip and stitch adventure with this amazing yarn from Lattes and Llamas"Masquerade Yarn" is a 80% Blue Face Leicester and 20% Silk that makes any sock feel like you are having a party in every row. With 100g and 400 yards per skein this darling is the bell of the ball, well at least till the second sock is done.

Mt Doom - Bright / Red
Dorn - Bright / Orange
Pegleg Point - Bright / Lt Blue
Rivendale - Muted / Teal
Kasterborous - Muted / Blue
Jolly Roger - Muted / Purple

Our amazingly creative sock designer Kristen Hall, has given us quite a treat with her "Space Age Socks". I love the way the ribbing is broken up by the gusset, it almost looks like the rings on Saturn. Her choice of star stitch gather is so clever mimicking the stars in space. This is a sock where you can learn new techniques. Kristen has even included some helpful links to web tutorials and youtube videos that are extremely helpful for someone attempting these techniques for the the first time. Great Sock! Great Design! Can't wait to cast on. Just in time for fall, too.

Total Value of this box: $ 32
1 Skein Masquerade Yarn: $ 27
1 Space Age Sock Pattern: $5

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Winter Hand Warmers!

Welcome to the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. It's free pattern friday and for the first time this year I am thinking about mittens because my hands are getting chilly when I walk outside. So I found a few different mittens you can use with a bunch of different weights of yarn. 

This first pair of crochet "Falling Leaves Mittens" by Stacey Williams is a great use of sport weight wools with a contrasting cuff and beautiful lattice on top of either ombre or solid colored yarn. I would recommend using the Yoth Big Sister Gradient kit we got in this past May's Classic box.

The second crochet piece is the "Sleigh Ride Mittens" by Jennifer Dickerson. The bulky weight yarn in this mitten means it is going to be so warm! You will never have to worry about your fingers getting cold when you pack the next snow ball. (Winter is coming. Crochet Faster!) I would recommend using The Farmhouse Fibers or the Mano's Del Uruguay Clasica from our overstock store. 

The first of our knit patterns are the "Och Blommor Mittens" by Kat Lewinski. These scandinavian inspired  mittens are so pretty. These mittens are the kind of mittens you keep on a string through the sleeves of your jacket so you don't loose them. I know I would be heartbroken if I lost one.

The last pattern for today is "Mittens to Order" by Diane Mulholland and they went immediately into my que cause I have to make these. They would match my jacket so perfectly. And if you use 2 solid colored sock yarns from our sock box, you have a perfect pair. For both of the knit mittens I recommend the Dragonfly Fibers Pixie or the Rogue Sock by Narwhal Needlework

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SPOLIERS! October Classic Loom Knit Pattern

Hello Yarnboxers! We are excited to announce that we will now be featuring a loom knitting pattern every other month in our box. Below is a link to the pattern and SPOILER info about this months classic box. Please do not click if you do not want spoilers.

Click here to show hidden content:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Stitched up Spooks!

I am not sure if you can tell, but Halloween is my my favorite holiday. I make something every year for my getup. It is especially fun when I find a character that has great knitwear I can recreate or find a pattern to recreate. For example, Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter had great yarny items, plus their scarves. I know so many knitters and crocheters that have made a house scarf for themselves after taking some online quiz to see where the hat sorted you.  The TV shows Outlander, Call the Midwife, and The Bletchley Circle all had amazing vintage styled knits. I would give anything to have that wardrobe. 

So for this year I am dressing up as Tigris from the Hunger Games. I saw the wrapy cowl thing she wore and her giant fur head piece and I knew I had size 50 needles and a crud ton of yarn in that same color that would make that AMAZING piece. So I am knitting a wrap for my costume and attempting to make a headpiece. I can't wait to post photos on the day so you guys can see. 

What are you guys knitting for your halloween costumes this year? I found two really great stash buster patterns that you can do using leftover scrappy bits that are always left over after you finish a Yarnbox pattern. 

This crochet "Sugar Skull Ski Mask"  by Nadia Faud is a great costume you can easily pull on and off. The mexican heritage of sugar skulls is beautiful tribute to past relatives. What better day than Halloween than to pay homage at the same time getting a sweet treat.

What is more terrifying that someone in a mask? Someone in a mask with an ax! These "Retro Ski Masks" by Jeni Icanknitanything are seriously so funny and so terrifying I couldn't help but think what great Halloween costume. My partner never has time to prepare a costume between work, me, the dog, and his favorite video game, I end up being the one that pulls our looks together every year. I think this would make a great tride and true recyclable costume for him because it is minimal effort with maximum spooks. Sans ax though! Then he also has a new winter hat (which I make him a new one every year because I love him). Win win for both of us!

Have fun with your costumes this year! Tag us on instagram with your stitched up get up and I'll put a piece of Halloween Candy in your next box.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

September Classic Review: Yarn to Crave after!

Yarn to Crave after!

Crave: krāv - verb - feel a powerful desire for (something). This month's yarn lives up to it's name and is definitely something that you will have a strong yearning to work with. Amor Valdez, owner and designer at Crave Yarns picks only the softest yarn that will make it hard to put your project down. Specializing in natural fibers like alpaca, merino and silk, our featured yarn "Hither" is just as luxurious and soft.

Made of 80% American merino, Amor says her yarn has the power to spark glee in your heart, and we think it will evoke extreme happiness! This box contains two skeins of the single ply wool "Hither". At 284 yards per skein, you will be receiving 568 yards to make either of our two designer's pieces. 

Tempt Me- Either / Red
Deep Sea - Bright / Teal
Curio - Bright / Blue
Pirouette - Muted / Pink
Blue Whale - Muted / Grey Blue
Stoic Bliss - Muted / Purple

Crave's own Amor Valdez has designed this lovely and simple knit "Zalia Shawl". This covetable piece is a great cold weather staple, perfect for the impending fall weather which is just around the corner. 

Our crochet designer is good friends of Crave. Deborah Grossman designed this beautiful "Moroccan Moonlight" scarf. The open work stitches makes this a piece to pine for. Wear it as an accessory to any outfit at any time of the year. 

This month's swatch is the crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch. We have featured a puff stitch in the past but this one is particularly lovely as it creates a nice dense fabric that works up so nicely with Crave's Hither.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Watch Me WIP Event on Ravelry

Hello Boxers!

Brandy here, elvyralani on Ravelry, one of your friendly neighborhood moderators for Yarnbox, and Lisa, yarnboxlisa on ravelry, your creative director at Yarnbox .

We’ve got an exciting event going on over on the Yarnbox Ravelry board, the Watch Me WIP event! The basic idea of the event is to have fun getting through some of those wips taking up your needles so you can get to other Yarnbox projects and maybe win some swag along the way.

Last year was our first year doing this event. We had just over 700 projects entered into the event, ranging from socks to blankets. We had three teams with fun nerdy/knitting name combos: Knights Who Say Knit, Seekers of the Golden Stitch, Fellowship of the WIP. This year we are doing types of woolen animals. Team names are Team Sheep, Team Alpaca, Team Angora.

There were 6 individual prize categories last year but for this year we have 7.
1- Finished Sweater
2- Home/Pets/Blanket
3- Finished Hats
4- Gloves/Mittens/Mits
5- Finished Scarf/Shawl/Cowl/Cape
6- Finished Socks/Slippers
7- Those who finished at least one project

I, Brandy, was on the Knights Who Say Knit and had five projects entered. Sadly I only finished up two of my projects but plenty of people finished all of their projects that they said they would!
Here’s one of my finished item, my Log Cabin scarf.
This year I’m concentrating on two items and one of them was one I entered last year!
Seriously, these socks need some love!

I, Lisa, am being ambitious. I have picked 5 wips, 3 of which are sweaters. We'll see how far I get with these. I would love to get 2 sweaters done, because that means 2 more gifts for the holidays are done. 

1- Inversion-Cardigan: Fiber Co, Arcadia. For myself

2- Going Stag-Pullover: Manos Del Uruguay, Clasica. For my partner.

3- Tesla-Sweater: Cascade,  Eco+. For a friend.

4- Follow Your Arrow 2- Shawl: Dragonfly Fibers, Pixie. For myself.

5- Garland Poncho-Sweater: Blue Sky Alpaca, Melange. for myself.

How do you join?
First get to ravelry and find the event thread or click here. You post up to 5 wips in the event thread, moderators will assign point values to your items based on size and complexity and after the signup period we’ll split everyone up into a few groups and see which group can finish the most items for the biggest point value. Groups will be split up so that they all have around a similar total point value. Sign ups end October 16th and the event runs until December 12. At the end, the team that racked up the most points will earn a special team prize! Everyone will be eligible for the individual prizes though, as long as you finish at least one of your wips! Your projects must have been started before October 5th and you must have at least 20% of the project left for it to qualify. And yes, you can use projects that aren’t using Yarnbox yarn!  

I hope you all will join us, sign ups are still going on.
What wips will you work on?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Skull Shawls

Halloween is right around the corner so I thought now would be a great time to pull out all my favorite skull themed pieces.

The first is a shawl, Doskallesjal by Kungen Och Majkis, is one that I actually have started and have been meaning to finish for a year now. Maybe it is time that I pull that WIP out and whip it into shape.  This is the only piece this designer has on ravelry. I hope someday they decide to design more cause this piece is wicked cool! Here is mine that I started...

The second piece is a great use of filet crochet to make images in the fabric. Maybe when I am done with the first skully shawl I can make this "Toten Kopfle-Tuch" by Suj Stepha-nie

The first knit skull shawl, "Strychnine" by M. Mario is a great addition to this collection. If I didn't already have a million projects in my que this would... who am I kidding it is now in my Que. I will be knitting for the rest of my life! :D

Last but not least is this amazing double knit "Swing Skulls" shawllette by Tina13 on ravelry. I think the Rauma Mitu from August's Classic box. The red navy would be my choice. :D

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