Friday, September 30, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Puuurfect pet projects!

It is almost fall here in Chicago and we are so excited for sweater weather! This doesn't exclude our furry family members! Oh no, just the opposite. We get to deck them out in woolen fuzzy hugs too!  Especially cats! That is if they don't murder you in your sleep.  

The reason that I decided to do pet sweaters today is because I just got some sad news about my very best friend of 14 years, Bella, my dog. She was just diagnosed with inoperable cancer and we have only a few months left with her. So she is getting a new sweater for her last winter with us. I know a lot of you are animal lovers and will understand what I am going through at the moment. I can feel the good vibes coming from all of you right now! So we are going to celebrate the life of our furry family members by making them wear sweaters! 

I think cats in sweaters are my favorite thing in the world!! They look so cute, and angry.  This "Cat's Love Sweaters" pattern by Christine Landry is a great example of cuteness abounding! 

Ok so cats are cute in sweaters but dogs? They are heart melting because they actually love wearing them.  This "Pug Dog Sweater" pattern is a great simple and easy to follow pattern.  I mean, look how much he loves his sweater!

There are some great crochet pet sweaters too!

Min-Pin Sweater by Stacie Labean and photo by JuneBoone on ravelry

Kitty Sweater designed by Starling on Ravelry

Below is my loveable Bella wearing her holiday sweater I made for her a few years ago. She loves it so much that she would bring it to me when she was ready to go outside. The sweater she is wearing is a Drops "Nordic Paws" pattern. It was not an very well written pattern so I changed a few things about it but here is the link if you are adventurous.

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