Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August Classic: Rauma Garn

Straight out of Norway! 
The beginnings of this month's yarn manufacturer, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, feels like it was ripped from the pages of a novel. They are located in Norway at the mouth of the river Rauma. Established in 1927 with some textile machinery in an old sea house and three employees, the company thrived until, war ravished by bombs and was totally demolished during WW2. However, they bounced back and the new factory was immediately raised to what we know today.
Combo 1: Blue Red / Cool & Bright
Combo 2: Pink Green / Warm & Bright
Combo 3: Navy Yellow / Either either
Combo 4: Red Brown / Warm & Muted
Combo 5: Grey Green / Either & Muted
Combo 6: Grey Blue / Cool & Muted
Combo 7: Grey Purple / Cool & Muted

box photo

Their yarn "Mitu" is a lovely example of what they mill there on a daily basis! It is a DK 50/50 Wool and Alpaca blend. Each 50g skein has 109 yds and we are sending you 2 different colored skein for 3 different project options.

The first is a fantastic double knit project from Alasdair Post-Quinn's new book "Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous". I happen to love double knitting and can't wait to cast on this beautiful "Bipolar" cowl. I am sure will be a staple in this year's winter wardrobe. 

The second is our crochet piece "Filigree Cowl" by the creative Mary Beth Temple. The texture and play with contrasting stitches really highlights the color contrast of the red and the blue. 

Third is our resident loom knitter Amanda Pratt with her "Harley Quinn" glove pattern. I know they aren't the same colors as THE Harley Quinn, but I think they are fab for when you are sledging that hammer! 

I think I say this every month but I really do mean it when I say I have fallen in love with this yarn after using it for the swatch. This slip stitch mosaic pattern was really easy any beginning knitter can do this pattern with ease.

Join us on Ravelry where our members are working these and other patterns.  
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