Thursday, August 18, 2016

July Classic Review: Louet

Summer is the season that strangely makes me want to knit more. Even though it is hot and I don't want to touch wool, linen is a staple in my summer knitting diet! This month's yarn Louet's Euroflax Sport

Euroflax Sport” is 270 yards of 100% linen and with two skeins of this durable and breathable yarn you get 540 yards to make two amazing pieces by one amazing designer, Tian Connaughton!

The colors for this collection remind me of the sea side. Blues of the ocean, reds of boats in their slips, and the lavender of the sun sets at dusk.
From left to right in the photo above we have
Charcoal - Muted / Grey (cool) 
Cobalt - Muted / Blue (cool) 
Burgundy - Muted / Red (cool) 
Teal - Bright / Teal (warm) 
Lavender - Bright / Purple (cool) 
Angelfish Blue - Bright / Blue (cool)

Both of our pieces this month are designed by the talented Tian Connaughton. She has designed two amazing shawls that are perfect for keeping the chill off your shoulders on cool summer evenings or when your are on your boat and you need to keep your hair from being mussed up. 

The crochet piece is "Leymus Shawl" with open work and little shell stitches this is a perfect use for a light-weight linen. The great thing about linen is the more you wear it the softer it gets. It may feel a bit stiff in the beginning but it really does soften up and has a great drape that you don't get from wool or even cotton. 

Tian's knit piece is "Wyethia Shawl". I love the lace edging and for the adventurous knitter I can see the addition of beads on the edge that would make this sparkle just a little. The eyelets at the top are a beautiful detail that  makes this feel very elegant and wearable. 

The swatch this month is crochet and as I was creating it I fell in love with this yarn even more than I already did! I know you will love it too! 

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