Friday, August 5, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Shrugs and hugs!

It's Free Pattern Friday and I want to give each of you a hug! 
A wooly hug in the form of free shrug patterns! 

The crochet piece I picked for you today, The Granny Coccoon Shrug by Maria Valles is a wonderfully modern take on the granny square. You can use any weight yarn, just make this square as big as you want. The pattern does call for worsted weight. We recommend using Manos Del Uruagy Clasica, Andy MerinoPeruvian Dream Worsted Which are all available in our overstock store. If you can't find them there, it's because we sold them all to beautiful people like you. 

Second we have a knit shrug that is so cute I might make 2, or 3, or 10. This piece is 
The image was graciously shared with us by a Ravelry friend Anna678

Join us on Ravelry where our members are working these and other patterns.  
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