Friday, August 19, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Not socks!

Good Morning Boxers! It is Free Pattern Friday and I have some pretty stuff to share with you today.

I love sock yarn! However, I am not always in the mood to knit socks. I suffer from a debilitating disease called One Sock Syndrome. I know it is quite common amongst knitters to make only one sock, but when your sock drawer is full of onesies and you never have a matching pair, the OCD in my brain twitches.  So how about other things that you can make with sock yarn? Check these out!

This first crochet piece, The Raunas Diesdas Shawl  by Sigrun Raith is a good one to use with Yarn Enablers Gradient that came out in March Sock Box.

This next crochet piece is not a typical item that you'd make with sock yarn, but it so pretty. I am am making a few of these Jar Covers by Olof Lilja Enorsdottir for my thanksgiving table! I think they would be so festive nested in autumnal leaves and acorns. I am using, funny enough, the dark green sparkly Holiday Yarns, Silver Sock that came out in the February Sock box.

This pattern, The Cameo Flower Shawl by Mia Rinde caught my eye with it's delicate lace edging but it simple construction makes it doable for all levels of adventurous knitters. We recommend using the Gluttony Sock by Forbidden Woolery. The tonal hues in this yarn would make the lace really sing!

The last pattern I have for you today is are super cute ankle cuffs; Zaza by Rachel Henry are so adorable, especially with those shoes! The leaf edging and lace in the main cuff would be beautiful in the Mode Sock by ModeKnit Yarns.  I know just the person to wear these. I'm thinking holiday gifts already. Now where are my needles?

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