Thursday, August 4, 2016

Christmas in July Ravelry Swap!

Third Annual Yarnbox Christmas in July Swap!

Over in our Ravelry group we are just wrapping up on the moderator run Christmas in July Swap. This is a way for our members to break up those boring summer months by sending and receiving a lovely curated present in the mail. This is third year hosting this event and had 58 members join in who created some really great boxes.

 The fun begins in May where the moderators have everyone fill out a sign up questionnaire which you then post in our Ravelry group with all your answers, and then the moderators match everyone up using all of the information that is provided. Once we have you paired up you are notified of who you will be creating your box for. You don’t get to know who your box is from until it arrives at your door! You then being what we all gently refer to as “stalking”, we use the questionnaire that you posted, if you mentioned any other social medias we may scope them out for hints, and any other details you may have added to your post or other posts during the month before shipping so that a great box can be created!

 Then on July 1st the fun really takes off as boxes are packaged up and shipped out to their partners! Since we all fill out the same questionnaire and stick to the same budget it is so fun to see how everyone takes this information and interrupts it into a wonderful package for their partner.

The moderators have a great time hosting this event and it is always so fun to see everyone get together and have fun giving to others. We see a great amount a chat happening in the Christmas in July thread where we tease hints of what is happening behind the scenes with our partner’s box. Because of course they have no clue that you are talking about them!

Now if you were unable to join us for this year’s swap don’t worry we will be back next year to host this event again! To tide you over until then feel free to join us in our next Yarnbox event as we knit through the Rio Olympics! As part of the Ravellenic Games 2016, we are Team Yarnbox. #TeamYarnbox

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