Tuesday, August 30, 2016

And the winner is.... (Ravelinics winners)

We have come to the end of the Olympics and Ravellenics. Congratulations to all our winners in Rio making us all proud to claim them for our countries. Congratulations as well to all our Rad Rav players. I had alot of fun! I am sure you all did too. There were alot of people who earned their laurels, but thank you to our Mods and a handy random number generator we have selected the recipients for the generous donated prizes.

(prizes from yarnbox)

And now for the Team Yarnbox Award Ceremony! 
dgwhite - project bag
Winner is JohannaConder for Striped Sockhead Hat
herekitty2 - pattern of your choice
Winner is Pregosaurus for Ancient Paris 
jomiel - handspun, most likely a skein of sportweight ~300 yds -
Our Participation Prize This prize was chosen from unfinished projects that were mentioned in the Ravellenics thread but weren’t finished.
Winner is elvyralani for her Ease Sweater
SockFiendLeah - pattern of choice
Winner is dgwhite for Amulet Shawl
Fallinangle22 - handmade journal from her Etsy shop
Winner is retoldyarns for Annalise’s Tutu Top
knitter56789 - 2 sets stitch markers & project bag
Winner is ccsarah for Wannabe an Olympian Mitts
knittingstickler - Jeweled Cowl Kit: includes One Skein of Malibrigo Lace, Coordinating Size 8 Seed Beads, Laminated Jeweled Cowl Pattern (pattern is free), Crochet Hook for attaching Beads
Winner is Carbon14 for Pot Scrubbers
retoldyarns - either a skein of hand-dyed yarn or fiber, whichever the winner prefers!
Winner is SockFiendLeah for Cobbled Peruvian Dream
Carbon14 - pattern of your choice
Winner is LunariaLovesTea for Noro twisted stitch hat
theknottykitten - pattern of your choice
Winner is IrishEyes for God Bless America Scarf/Wrap
theknottykitten - 2 skeins of yarn
Winner is scarlett1110 for Little Coffee Bean Cardigan
theknottykitten - 2 skeins of yarn
Winner is lilduper for The ??? Sweater
kristy9 - $6 pattern
Winner is perfectioKnits for Cable Rib baby sockies
KimG108 - pattern from her pattern store and another pattern of your choice
Winner is Kaleidoscopically for Something Lacy Shrug
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is cthornhill66 for Heartflower Scarf
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is s0nicfreak for Achromatize
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is CraftyCait13 for Lexford
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is JuliaRomashko for JMR’s Toe Up Socks
sgilck - 2 single Ravelry patterns of the winner’s choice
Winner is HereKitty2 for SophistiSockhead
sgilck - copy of Desert Series, courtesy of the designerIlga
Winner is armyb for Lazy Days of Summer KAL
perfectioKnits - pattern from her Ravelry store and another pattern of your choice
Winner is sgilck for Mashup MKAL
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #1
Winner is WhiteDahlias for Brompton
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #2
Winner is knittingstickler for Scarlet Fever Gilet
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #3
Winner is theknottykitten for Clarice
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #4
Winner is Karakash for Bay of Fundy
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #5
Winner is michachu for 16-27 Tom’s Socks
A 2nd prize from Fallinangle22 - handmade journal from her Etsy shop
Winner is tbeck for Charity Hats

Lastly, I have randomly picked an acceptance speech that I think sums up this wonderful event from TheKnottyKitten

I had so much with my first Ravellenics! I am still going through all the hashtags, so many inspiring projects and work from others. I really really love and appreciate the YB community!! You ladies are amazing! Congratulations to everyone who participated, finished, and those who won.

Thank you for the win for my Clarice project; thank you for donation TeamYarnbox! WOW! First time I have intentionally strayed from a project, but so glad I did because I ended up with an amazing top (which is the real prize for me!!). Totally inspired to make up larger projects than scarves now! !!!
Looking forward to shipping out yarn for the gals who won my prizes and getting a pattern for IrishEyes.

<3<3<3 !!!! (I totally feel so accomplished and stoked like I was actually there and won a real olympic gold! haha)
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