Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Sock Review: Phoenix Fiber Works- Totally Tweed!

Who is in the mood for pie? This month's sock yarn is presented to you from Phoenix Fiber Co hailing from Youngstown of Ohio. Their yarn "Tweedy Pie" is a freckled fiber and a tasty tweed! It is more than just dessert, even though these colors are good enough to eat!

"Tweedy Pie" is a 2-ply Sock Weight made of 85% SW Merino and 15% NEP, a dye resistant nylon fiber that adds a tweed fleck to this yarn. Dyer, April Wolf, is naturally gifted when it comes to choosing colors. Her eye is finely tuned to produce colors and fibers that are so delicious we really do want to bake them into a pie and eat them.

Weighing in at 100g and 438 yards per skein you will have more than dessert to look forward to.

Mermaid Tales - Bright / Green Blue Brown
Sunken Ship - Bright / Teal Brown
Forever In Blue Jeans - Bright / Blue
Rocker Chick - Bright / Pink Grey

What Does The Fox Say - Muted / Orange Brown
Deadly Nightshade - Muted / Blue Purple
Retrospect - Either / Blue Green Orange Brown

Our sock designer Fatimah Hinds created these amazing “August Tweed” socks using Retrospect colorway. This pattern displays a great use of cables, lace and twists that really show off the quality of this tweed yard.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

And the winner is.... (Ravelinics winners)

We have come to the end of the Olympics and Ravellenics. Congratulations to all our winners in Rio making us all proud to claim them for our countries. Congratulations as well to all our Rad Rav players. I had alot of fun! I am sure you all did too. There were alot of people who earned their laurels, but thank you to our Mods and a handy random number generator we have selected the recipients for the generous donated prizes.

(prizes from yarnbox)

And now for the Team Yarnbox Award Ceremony! 
dgwhite - project bag
Winner is JohannaConder for Striped Sockhead Hat
herekitty2 - pattern of your choice
Winner is Pregosaurus for Ancient Paris 
jomiel - handspun, most likely a skein of sportweight ~300 yds -
Our Participation Prize This prize was chosen from unfinished projects that were mentioned in the Ravellenics thread but weren’t finished.
Winner is elvyralani for her Ease Sweater
SockFiendLeah - pattern of choice
Winner is dgwhite for Amulet Shawl
Fallinangle22 - handmade journal from her Etsy shop
Winner is retoldyarns for Annalise’s Tutu Top
knitter56789 - 2 sets stitch markers & project bag
Winner is ccsarah for Wannabe an Olympian Mitts
knittingstickler - Jeweled Cowl Kit: includes One Skein of Malibrigo Lace, Coordinating Size 8 Seed Beads, Laminated Jeweled Cowl Pattern (pattern is free), Crochet Hook for attaching Beads
Winner is Carbon14 for Pot Scrubbers
retoldyarns - either a skein of hand-dyed yarn or fiber, whichever the winner prefers!
Winner is SockFiendLeah for Cobbled Peruvian Dream
Carbon14 - pattern of your choice
Winner is LunariaLovesTea for Noro twisted stitch hat
theknottykitten - pattern of your choice
Winner is IrishEyes for God Bless America Scarf/Wrap
theknottykitten - 2 skeins of yarn
Winner is scarlett1110 for Little Coffee Bean Cardigan
theknottykitten - 2 skeins of yarn
Winner is lilduper for The ??? Sweater
kristy9 - $6 pattern
Winner is perfectioKnits for Cable Rib baby sockies
KimG108 - pattern from her pattern store and another pattern of your choice
Winner is Kaleidoscopically for Something Lacy Shrug
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is cthornhill66 for Heartflower Scarf
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is s0nicfreak for Achromatize
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is CraftyCait13 for Lexford
LunariaLovesTea - LaviShea lotion bars
Winner is JuliaRomashko for JMR’s Toe Up Socks
sgilck - 2 single Ravelry patterns of the winner’s choice
Winner is HereKitty2 for SophistiSockhead
sgilck - copy of Desert Series, courtesy of the designerIlga
Winner is armyb for Lazy Days of Summer KAL
perfectioKnits - pattern from her Ravelry store and another pattern of your choice
Winner is sgilck for Mashup MKAL
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #1
Winner is WhiteDahlias for Brompton
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #2
Winner is knittingstickler for Scarlet Fever Gilet
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #3
Winner is theknottykitten for Clarice
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #4
Winner is Karakash for Bay of Fundy
TeamYarnBox Mystery Prize #5
Winner is michachu for 16-27 Tom’s Socks
A 2nd prize from Fallinangle22 - handmade journal from her Etsy shop
Winner is tbeck for Charity Hats

Lastly, I have randomly picked an acceptance speech that I think sums up this wonderful event from TheKnottyKitten

I had so much with my first Ravellenics! I am still going through all the hashtags, so many inspiring projects and work from others. I really really love and appreciate the YB community!! You ladies are amazing! Congratulations to everyone who participated, finished, and those who won.

Thank you for the win for my Clarice project; thank you for donation TeamYarnbox! WOW! First time I have intentionally strayed from a project, but so glad I did because I ended up with an amazing top (which is the real prize for me!!). Totally inspired to make up larger projects than scarves now! !!!
Looking forward to shipping out yarn for the gals who won my prizes and getting a pattern for IrishEyes.

<3<3<3 !!!! (I totally feel so accomplished and stoked like I was actually there and won a real olympic gold! haha)
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Easy Peasy

It is so lovely when you have something so simple on your needles that you don't even have to think about what you are doing. Today for Free Pattern Friday I have chosen 2 super easy peasy cowls that could be done in a multitude of weights of yarn. 

It is super easy and fun to do! 

This knit piece is a super popular one. The Gaptastic Cowl by Jen Geigley is an instant favorite because of how ding dang simple it is to make! Great for beginners and seasoned professionals alike! 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Not socks!

Good Morning Boxers! It is Free Pattern Friday and I have some pretty stuff to share with you today.

I love sock yarn! However, I am not always in the mood to knit socks. I suffer from a debilitating disease called One Sock Syndrome. I know it is quite common amongst knitters to make only one sock, but when your sock drawer is full of onesies and you never have a matching pair, the OCD in my brain twitches.  So how about other things that you can make with sock yarn? Check these out!

This first crochet piece, The Raunas Diesdas Shawl  by Sigrun Raith is a good one to use with Yarn Enablers Gradient that came out in March Sock Box.

This next crochet piece is not a typical item that you'd make with sock yarn, but it so pretty. I am am making a few of these Jar Covers by Olof Lilja Enorsdottir for my thanksgiving table! I think they would be so festive nested in autumnal leaves and acorns. I am using, funny enough, the dark green sparkly Holiday Yarns, Silver Sock that came out in the February Sock box.

This pattern, The Cameo Flower Shawl by Mia Rinde caught my eye with it's delicate lace edging but it simple construction makes it doable for all levels of adventurous knitters. We recommend using the Gluttony Sock by Forbidden Woolery. The tonal hues in this yarn would make the lace really sing!

The last pattern I have for you today is are super cute ankle cuffs; Zaza by Rachel Henry are so adorable, especially with those shoes! The leaf edging and lace in the main cuff would be beautiful in the Mode Sock by ModeKnit Yarns.  I know just the person to wear these. I'm thinking holiday gifts already. Now where are my needles?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

July Classic Review: Louet

Summer is the season that strangely makes me want to knit more. Even though it is hot and I don't want to touch wool, linen is a staple in my summer knitting diet! This month's yarn Louet's Euroflax Sport

Euroflax Sport” is 270 yards of 100% linen and with two skeins of this durable and breathable yarn you get 540 yards to make two amazing pieces by one amazing designer, Tian Connaughton!

The colors for this collection remind me of the sea side. Blues of the ocean, reds of boats in their slips, and the lavender of the sun sets at dusk.
From left to right in the photo above we have
Charcoal - Muted / Grey (cool) 
Cobalt - Muted / Blue (cool) 
Burgundy - Muted / Red (cool) 
Teal - Bright / Teal (warm) 
Lavender - Bright / Purple (cool) 
Angelfish Blue - Bright / Blue (cool)

Both of our pieces this month are designed by the talented Tian Connaughton. She has designed two amazing shawls that are perfect for keeping the chill off your shoulders on cool summer evenings or when your are on your boat and you need to keep your hair from being mussed up. 

The crochet piece is "Leymus Shawl" with open work and little shell stitches this is a perfect use for a light-weight linen. The great thing about linen is the more you wear it the softer it gets. It may feel a bit stiff in the beginning but it really does soften up and has a great drape that you don't get from wool or even cotton. 

Tian's knit piece is "Wyethia Shawl". I love the lace edging and for the adventurous knitter I can see the addition of beads on the edge that would make this sparkle just a little. The eyelets at the top are a beautiful detail that  makes this feel very elegant and wearable. 

The swatch this month is crochet and as I was creating it I fell in love with this yarn even more than I already did! I know you will love it too! 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SPOILERS: Loom Knitting in YarnBox Classic August 2016?!

Hello Yarn Boxers! We are excited to announce that we will now be featuring a loom knitting pattern every other month in our box. Below is a link to the pattern and SPOILER info about this months classic box. Please do not click if you do not want spoilers.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Linen is Lovely

This week we are bringing you more ideas to do with that lovely linen that you got in last months classic box. The first piece is a lovely crochet stole/shawl called 

The knit pice I found for you today is an amazing half circle shawl; 

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Shrugs and hugs!

It's Free Pattern Friday and I want to give each of you a hug! 
A wooly hug in the form of free shrug patterns! 

The crochet piece I picked for you today, The Granny Coccoon Shrug by Maria Valles is a wonderfully modern take on the granny square. You can use any weight yarn, just make this square as big as you want. The pattern does call for worsted weight. We recommend using Manos Del Uruagy Clasica, Andy MerinoPeruvian Dream Worsted Which are all available in our overstock store. If you can't find them there, it's because we sold them all to beautiful people like you. 

Second we have a knit shrug that is so cute I might make 2, or 3, or 10. This piece is 
The image was graciously shared with us by a Ravelry friend Anna678

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Christmas in July Ravelry Swap!

Third Annual Yarnbox Christmas in July Swap!

Over in our Ravelry group we are just wrapping up on the moderator run Christmas in July Swap. This is a way for our members to break up those boring summer months by sending and receiving a lovely curated present in the mail. This is third year hosting this event and had 58 members join in who created some really great boxes.

 The fun begins in May where the moderators have everyone fill out a sign up questionnaire which you then post in our Ravelry group with all your answers, and then the moderators match everyone up using all of the information that is provided. Once we have you paired up you are notified of who you will be creating your box for. You don’t get to know who your box is from until it arrives at your door! You then being what we all gently refer to as “stalking”, we use the questionnaire that you posted, if you mentioned any other social medias we may scope them out for hints, and any other details you may have added to your post or other posts during the month before shipping so that a great box can be created!

 Then on July 1st the fun really takes off as boxes are packaged up and shipped out to their partners! Since we all fill out the same questionnaire and stick to the same budget it is so fun to see how everyone takes this information and interrupts it into a wonderful package for their partner.

The moderators have a great time hosting this event and it is always so fun to see everyone get together and have fun giving to others. We see a great amount a chat happening in the Christmas in July thread where we tease hints of what is happening behind the scenes with our partner’s box. Because of course they have no clue that you are talking about them!

Now if you were unable to join us for this year’s swap don’t worry we will be back next year to host this event again! To tide you over until then feel free to join us in our next Yarnbox event as we knit through the Rio Olympics! As part of the Ravellenic Games 2016, we are Team Yarnbox. #TeamYarnbox

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yarnbox is going to Stitches!

Yarnbox is going to be at Stitches Midwest this weekend from August 4th to the 7th at the
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, Schaumburg, IL. <--- Click for directions
Come and see Mike, Heather and Lisa at booth #809

We will have a special treat for existing subscribers. Stop by and say HI!! 
Bring a friend and get them hooked on Yarnbox, too!