Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yarnbox is participating in Ravellenics!

We registered as Team Yarnbox for the Ravellenics, whoohoo!
What is Ravellenics? Good question! It is a knit along with the summer Olympic games. You compete with teammates to finish projects in time with the different events that are happening during the summer games. 
You can go the official Ravelry page for this to find out more about the events. But here is a quick list of rules and info to get started. 
Rules and Info!
Opening ceremony: Friday, August 5, 19:15 Rio time
Closing ceremony: Sunday, August 21, 23:59 Rio Time
Rio is an hour ahead of EDT (time zone converter)
Team captains
Start your project on or after the opening ceremony and post your FO (finished before the closing ceremony) in the main Ravellenics games forum in the EVENT thread. You must have the appropriate medal tag on your project page. Any project started before the opening ceremony must be posted as the WIP event. Frogged projects must have a before and after photo and have set “frogged” as its project status.
Project categories and medal tags
Afghan Marathon: eventafghan
Bag Backstroke: eventbag
Cowl Jump: eventcowl
Frogging Trampoline: eventfrog
Garment Polo: eventgarment
Hat Dash: eventhat
Household Heptathalon: eventhouse
Mitten Medley: eventmitten
Scarf Hockey: eventscarf
Shawl Sailing: eventshawl
Sock-Put: eventsock
Sweater Triathalon: eventsweater
Synchronized Spinning: eventspin
Toy Toss: eventtoy
WIPs Wrestling: eventwips
Laurels are recognized by the team captains. This is an above and beyond recognition for each of your projects. You can earn multiple laurels, just add the appropriate laurel tags to your project page. (More details)
Bead Laurel: laurelbead
Cable Laurel: laurelcable
Charity Laurel: laurelcharity
Colorwork Laurel: laurelcolorwork
Dyeing Laurel: laureldye
Entrelac Laurel: laurelentrelac
Felting Laurel: laurelfelt
Fleece to FO Laurel: laurelfleecetoFO
Lace Laurel: laurellace
Loom Laurel: laurelloom
Machine Laurel: laurelmachine
Modular Laurel: laurelmodular
Single skein Laurel: laurelsingleskein
Stash Laurel: laurelstash
Tunisian Laurel: laureltunisian
Weaving Laurel: laurelweaving
and the special Yarnbox Laurel: laurelyarnbox2016 - use any YB yarn for at least 50% of your project


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