Thursday, July 14, 2016

June Classic Review: Dragonfly Fibers

Dragonfly away with me!

If you were in Cornwall it might be likely that you could find a mischievous little sprite unturning rocks or playing amongst the flowers creating havoc in the garden. However in Washington DC, where June Classic's yarn company hails, they creates their own mischief playing amongst the dyes and fibers. Just like little Pixie wings all a flutter so is my heart for Dragonfly Fibers.

The magical artisan colors of Dragonfly's "Pixie" thier fingering weight yarn are lovingly created by Kate Chiocchio and her amazing Team with a technique that involves a lot of love, hard work and a smidge of fairy dust. Well maybe not, but while working this 100% superwash merino you will swear there has to be some magic involved to make it so scrumptious to work with.
This box includes 2, 4oz hanks in enchanted hues. Each skein is 475 yards so you have a total of 950 yards to make a project holding two strands together creating a heavier weight piece. OR another project holding the yarn single to create something light and airy. 
Colors are: 

Cheshire Cat
Starry Night 


Red Maple
TitaniaRocky Top
Velvet Underground
Winter Woods

We are starting with the crochet designer,  the other-worldly, Abbey Swanson

For the piece with yarn held double she has given us a spellbinding bandit cowl, "Amethyst Bandana". It is just like wearing a triangle shawl without the tails getting in the way. 
For the piece held single she has given us the ephemeral "Dragonfly shawl.  

Our knit pieces are designed by the spellbinding Emma Welford

For the pieces where you hold the yarn double she has given us a hat and fingerless mitts combo. "Hemiboreal". Using a very subtle cable twist that gives this piece a quiet elegance that surely bewitch the knitter! 
For her piece held single she has given us a circular lace shawl "Papelillo". If you are curagious enough I could see adding beads to the edging to give it some bling! 

Now introducing our new, bi-montly loom knitting designer, the beguiled Amanda Pratt. Her "Summer Shade Shawl" is a great addition to our collection of patterns we feature. 
So for this month we are giving you a total of 5 enthralling patterns to choose from.

Our stitch this month I wanted to stick to the magical theme of pixies and I only thought the start stitch would be fitting. So wish apon a star and stand next to the mailbox to see what color you get this month. I know I love them all and HAD to take all of them home with me. 

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