Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Sock Review: Narwhal Needlework

Unlike the mythical Unicorn, this month we presented to you, our lovely boxers, Narwhal Needleworks yarn, "Rogue".  Emily Voegler is a New York based, Etsy only seller, and is new-ish to the world of hand dying but you would never know based on what she is producing. She's like a fish to water, or a Narwhal to the ocean.

"Rogue" is a magical 462 yards of 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon that is great for a durable and long lasting sock. Each skein is hand painted so you will be getting slight variations from skein to skein, but with close to 500 yards you have plenty to work up something other than a sock if you so fancy. 

This enchanting color pallet is a wonderful collection of tonals and 1 variegated. 
From left to right we have "Siren Song", "Mulberry", "Inverness", "Cappadocia", "Fresh Air", "and The variegated is "Sound of Silence"

The sock designer for this month is Dana Gervaise, and she has exhibited a great use of cable twists and structure in her sock pattern "Heliotrope"

Heliotrope is worked from the cuff down and features a simple, delicate cable design down the front of the leg and foot of each sock. The cable is set against a ribbed pattern and is reminiscent of lattice in a garden. The rest of the sock is stockinette with a heel flap, gusset and traditional French heel. The sock ends with a wedge toe that is Kitchener stitched closed. The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit it with your needle of choice in your preferred style.  Are you #teamDPN or #teamCIRCS. Written and charted instructions are provided, and the pattern is easily reversible for knitters who prefer to knit socks toe-up. Which is great for me cause I am #teamTOEUP. Instructions are included for narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths. Foot length is customizable. 

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