Friday, July 22, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Project Sock Drawer!

Hello Boxers! Lisa here. I have recently been knitting nothing but socks and have been challenging myself to fill my sock drawer with nothing but hand made socks. Well, I will always have my rainbow knee highs and the kitten socks in the drawer, but I am replacing all my boring socks with fun hand knit ones.

So in honor of #ProjectSockDrawer I have picked out a few of my favorite free sock patterns in both knitting and crochet. Want to join me and fill your bureau with nothing but the best for your tootsies, post an image of your yarnbox socks you made with the hashtag #YarnboxSockDrawer on Ravelry, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to tag us so we can follow along with your progress!

These "Villiviini" intarsia socks by Tiina Kuu  are actually next in my que! 
Love the lace off center inset!! 

Here at Yarnbox WE LOVE CABLES!!! This pair of "Caoua Coffee" by Caoua Coffee's socks are so cool! Ok, where are my needles?

Crochet socks are not as prevalent as knit socks, but these "Survival Socks" by Elin Stoodley
are a great beginners crochet sock if you are making socks for the first time. 

Did we mention that love cables? These"Twist and Shout" crochet cabled socks by Lauren Irving, are a great way to stretch your crochet "legs". lol

Join us on Ravelry where our members are working these and other patterns.  
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