Friday, July 29, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Totes totes!

In summer I never want to pick up wool, but linen or cotton? That is my go to summer fiber. I love working this fiber as it gives structure and softness to projects. Especially bags and totes.

This crocheted Moroccan patterned tote by Sol Rencoret is next on my list to use the Louet Euroflax Sport that we featured in July's Classic box. There is even a link to instructions on how to sew the lining in with snaps and handles to boot.

This knit piece this friday is another great use for linen. Tanis Gray's Eastern Market Tote is a lovely lace market bag that holds all your veggies. I think I chose this pattern not just because it is super cute but I use to work at a Deli in Eastern Market in Detroit, not the DC location that inspired Tanis. 

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Sock Review: Narwhal Needlework

Unlike the mythical Unicorn, this month we presented to you, our lovely boxers, Narwhal Needleworks yarn, "Rogue".  Emily Voegler is a New York based, Etsy only seller, and is new-ish to the world of hand dying but you would never know based on what she is producing. She's like a fish to water, or a Narwhal to the ocean.

"Rogue" is a magical 462 yards of 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon that is great for a durable and long lasting sock. Each skein is hand painted so you will be getting slight variations from skein to skein, but with close to 500 yards you have plenty to work up something other than a sock if you so fancy. 

This enchanting color pallet is a wonderful collection of tonals and 1 variegated. 
From left to right we have "Siren Song", "Mulberry", "Inverness", "Cappadocia", "Fresh Air", "and The variegated is "Sound of Silence"

The sock designer for this month is Dana Gervaise, and she has exhibited a great use of cable twists and structure in her sock pattern "Heliotrope"

Heliotrope is worked from the cuff down and features a simple, delicate cable design down the front of the leg and foot of each sock. The cable is set against a ribbed pattern and is reminiscent of lattice in a garden. The rest of the sock is stockinette with a heel flap, gusset and traditional French heel. The sock ends with a wedge toe that is Kitchener stitched closed. The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit it with your needle of choice in your preferred style.  Are you #teamDPN or #teamCIRCS. Written and charted instructions are provided, and the pattern is easily reversible for knitters who prefer to knit socks toe-up. Which is great for me cause I am #teamTOEUP. Instructions are included for narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths. Foot length is customizable. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July ArtYarns+ Review: A fairytale finish.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" 
-Winnie the Pooh

It is with a heavy heart that we are reviewing Yarnbox Plus, featuring Art Yarns, for the last time. If you missed this shipment you can go to our website on the 1st of August and get it from our overstock store.  Over the history of Yarbox Plus we have shipped out 5 boxes containing the most luxurious yarns from Art Yarns and it has been a Joy to work with Iris Schreier, but like all good things it must come to an end to make room for new yarns and designers. We have a few pokers in the coals and are working diligently to create a new collection for you and as soon as we have that available we will make that public. However, for now, let us clink our glasses and toast to a good run.

When you were you a kid, did you ever rummage thru your mom's jewelry box, pull out all the sparkly pretties and pretend you were a princess? Well pretend no longer, because with the help of Yarnbox and Art Yarns, you too can feel like royalty with these jewel toned beauties. 

Silk Essence is a single ply 100% silk yarn with a drape and feel fit for a queen! Art Yarns own Iris Schreier has taken her normally variegated silk yarn and broken it down in 5 mini gradient skeins of 130 yards each, which is 650 yards total.

The colors are a tonal gradient on 100% silk. YUM!

 From left to right we present: Lapis, Peridot, and Ruby. (Makes me think of Stephen Universe) 

With this gradient set, Iris has designed for us a special lace piece of repeating diamond patterns, that highlights the jewel tones. The Silken Transitions Shawl munificently compliments the texture and color of this yarn. I think I even have space in my jewelery box to keep this once I am bound off. 

This is also a transition that brings us to the storybook ending of this box. We thank you for subscribing and we urge you to sign up for our other boxes on our website at

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Project Sock Drawer!

Hello Boxers! Lisa here. I have recently been knitting nothing but socks and have been challenging myself to fill my sock drawer with nothing but hand made socks. Well, I will always have my rainbow knee highs and the kitten socks in the drawer, but I am replacing all my boring socks with fun hand knit ones.

So in honor of #ProjectSockDrawer I have picked out a few of my favorite free sock patterns in both knitting and crochet. Want to join me and fill your bureau with nothing but the best for your tootsies, post an image of your yarnbox socks you made with the hashtag #YarnboxSockDrawer on Ravelry, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to tag us so we can follow along with your progress!

These "Villiviini" intarsia socks by Tiina Kuu  are actually next in my que! 
Love the lace off center inset!! 

Here at Yarnbox WE LOVE CABLES!!! This pair of "Caoua Coffee" by Caoua Coffee's socks are so cool! Ok, where are my needles?

Crochet socks are not as prevalent as knit socks, but these "Survival Socks" by Elin Stoodley
are a great beginners crochet sock if you are making socks for the first time. 

Did we mention that love cables? These"Twist and Shout" crochet cabled socks by Lauren Irving, are a great way to stretch your crochet "legs". lol

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yarnbox is participating in Ravellenics!

We registered as Team Yarnbox for the Ravellenics, whoohoo!
What is Ravellenics? Good question! It is a knit along with the summer Olympic games. You compete with teammates to finish projects in time with the different events that are happening during the summer games. 
You can go the official Ravelry page for this to find out more about the events. But here is a quick list of rules and info to get started. 
Rules and Info!
Opening ceremony: Friday, August 5, 19:15 Rio time
Closing ceremony: Sunday, August 21, 23:59 Rio Time
Rio is an hour ahead of EDT (time zone converter)
Team captains
Start your project on or after the opening ceremony and post your FO (finished before the closing ceremony) in the main Ravellenics games forum in the EVENT thread. You must have the appropriate medal tag on your project page. Any project started before the opening ceremony must be posted as the WIP event. Frogged projects must have a before and after photo and have set “frogged” as its project status.
Project categories and medal tags
Afghan Marathon: eventafghan
Bag Backstroke: eventbag
Cowl Jump: eventcowl
Frogging Trampoline: eventfrog
Garment Polo: eventgarment
Hat Dash: eventhat
Household Heptathalon: eventhouse
Mitten Medley: eventmitten
Scarf Hockey: eventscarf
Shawl Sailing: eventshawl
Sock-Put: eventsock
Sweater Triathalon: eventsweater
Synchronized Spinning: eventspin
Toy Toss: eventtoy
WIPs Wrestling: eventwips
Laurels are recognized by the team captains. This is an above and beyond recognition for each of your projects. You can earn multiple laurels, just add the appropriate laurel tags to your project page. (More details)
Bead Laurel: laurelbead
Cable Laurel: laurelcable
Charity Laurel: laurelcharity
Colorwork Laurel: laurelcolorwork
Dyeing Laurel: laureldye
Entrelac Laurel: laurelentrelac
Felting Laurel: laurelfelt
Fleece to FO Laurel: laurelfleecetoFO
Lace Laurel: laurellace
Loom Laurel: laurelloom
Machine Laurel: laurelmachine
Modular Laurel: laurelmodular
Single skein Laurel: laurelsingleskein
Stash Laurel: laurelstash
Tunisian Laurel: laureltunisian
Weaving Laurel: laurelweaving
and the special Yarnbox Laurel: laurelyarnbox2016 - use any YB yarn for at least 50% of your project


Friday, July 15, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: How Shawl we stripe it?

I have been totally in love with stripes lately. They are easy to do and look great when you have 2 different colored skeins of sock yarn and don't want to knit socks. I have two skeins of the Mode Knit sock that is begging me to make these.

First we are featuring a gorgeous design by Esther Chandler  the "Pacific Rim Shawl

Second we are featuring this stockinette and lace piece, "Dream Stripes" by Caillian Berangere 

Don't have enough yarn to make these 2 color concoctions? Head over to our overstock store once you sign into your account on our website.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

June Classic Review: Dragonfly Fibers

Dragonfly away with me!

If you were in Cornwall it might be likely that you could find a mischievous little sprite unturning rocks or playing amongst the flowers creating havoc in the garden. However in Washington DC, where June Classic's yarn company hails, they creates their own mischief playing amongst the dyes and fibers. Just like little Pixie wings all a flutter so is my heart for Dragonfly Fibers.

The magical artisan colors of Dragonfly's "Pixie" thier fingering weight yarn are lovingly created by Kate Chiocchio and her amazing Team with a technique that involves a lot of love, hard work and a smidge of fairy dust. Well maybe not, but while working this 100% superwash merino you will swear there has to be some magic involved to make it so scrumptious to work with.
This box includes 2, 4oz hanks in enchanted hues. Each skein is 475 yards so you have a total of 950 yards to make a project holding two strands together creating a heavier weight piece. OR another project holding the yarn single to create something light and airy. 
Colors are: 

Cheshire Cat
Starry Night 


Red Maple
TitaniaRocky Top
Velvet Underground
Winter Woods

We are starting with the crochet designer,  the other-worldly, Abbey Swanson

For the piece with yarn held double she has given us a spellbinding bandit cowl, "Amethyst Bandana". It is just like wearing a triangle shawl without the tails getting in the way. 
For the piece held single she has given us the ephemeral "Dragonfly shawl.  

Our knit pieces are designed by the spellbinding Emma Welford

For the pieces where you hold the yarn double she has given us a hat and fingerless mitts combo. "Hemiboreal". Using a very subtle cable twist that gives this piece a quiet elegance that surely bewitch the knitter! 
For her piece held single she has given us a circular lace shawl "Papelillo". If you are curagious enough I could see adding beads to the edging to give it some bling! 

Now introducing our new, bi-montly loom knitting designer, the beguiled Amanda Pratt. Her "Summer Shade Shawl" is a great addition to our collection of patterns we feature. 
So for this month we are giving you a total of 5 enthralling patterns to choose from.

Our stitch this month I wanted to stick to the magical theme of pixies and I only thought the start stitch would be fitting. So wish apon a star and stand next to the mailbox to see what color you get this month. I know I love them all and HAD to take all of them home with me. 

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: You so foxy!

It is free pattern friday and I am feeling foxy. So here are some fox themed pieces in both crochet and knit.

Sly Fox Hat by Lisa Gutierrez

Amigurumi Fox  by  Timea Venter 

Fox Mittens by Laura Poikolainen

Foxy Tea Cosy by Beverley Laundry

We recommend using ModeKnit Yarn, Myak, Buffalo Wool Co., or Kollage Happiness.