Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May Classic Review: Yoth Big Sister

Just like a good big sister, Yarnbox is here to support you and give you great fashion advice. Well this May's classic box features Yoth Yarn in gradients of their "Big Sister" base with a lovely closure button from JŪL! This gradient box was a huge success and it was very popular across the board. The yarn is super soft and easy to work with.

Veronika, Yoth's big sister, and Danny the little brother have brought us an amazing gradient kit in 4 different color shades. The Big Sister yarn is a scrumptious blend 80% Merino, 10% Nylon (Polyamide), and 10% Cashmere. With 4 half skeins of this luscious yarn, you’ll get the equivalent of 2 full skeins equaling 462 yards.

The colors are:
Concord Grape, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Spring Water - Blues
Cider, Raw Honey, Mango, Banana - Yellow Browns
Ginger Root, Golden Kiwi, Star Fruit, Celery - Greens
Cracked Pepper, Wild Rice, Poppy Seed, Sea Salt - Greys

Having crocheted the swatch, I can say this was a treat to work with! I loved the spring it gives to the finished fabric. The cashmere in it give it an amazing softness that I absolutely adore!

With this box, we featured two exciting patterns from Yoth’s very own Veronika Jobe. The knit pattern is Tree's Bandana and the crochet is Wave's Bandana. The hip chevron in the knit pattern is a classic design that is a great way to show off the gradients and makes the colors pop. The fun wave in the crochet version is so cute I will probably wave it goodbye when my sister steals it from my closet.

Join us on Ravelry where our members are working these and other patterns.

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