Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Luxe Review: Lorna's Laces Pearl

This month's Luxe box is like a walk in the garden, full of color and surprises! 

For June we choose Lorna's Laces Pearl, which is a great summer yarn consisting of 51% silk and 49% bamboo. You will be receiving 2 skeins of this ultra soft yarn each containing 220 yarns so you get a total of 440 yards of deliciousness to play with. The sheen of the fibers give the color an almost iridescent quality that is highlighted by the amazing patterns of Denise Lavoie and Nazanin Fard.

We have 4 colors for you in this box all are inspired by flowers and foliage of an english garden. From left to right we have
Sterling Petals, Itty Bitty Blossoms, Spring Awakens, and Blue Tulle.

Also included in this box we have a project bag from Della Q. This box to me is reminiscent of a packed lunch for a picnic with all the goodies inside. The bag is a good size and can hold a medium sized project including stitch markers from Bling Your String. Below you can see the beads they used which reminded me of bubbles and match so well to the yarn with their butterfly like shimmer and iridescence. 

The patterns we are featuring are a great use for this yarn. The airy quality of the crocheted stitches of Denise Lavoie in her Wyvern Warmer shawl is perfect to cut the chill of a summers evening in the park or at the beach. With delicate edging like the buddings of early flowers in spring, this shawl is sure to delight! 

Here we present another great summer piece, the Roxanne Shawlette, designed by Nazanin Fard. This shawl really shows off the variegated color and gives the wearer great coverage from the sun without being too warm.

Join us on Ravelry where our members are working these and other patterns.  
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