Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Don't throw shade, provide it.

Free Pattern Friday: HATS HATS HATS!

This week with all the sun we are finally getting here in Chicago I have been wishing I'd have knit a sun hat so I don't burn to a crisp. These are my favorites of the free patterns I've found.

This knit brimmed sun bonnet is so cute with it's vintage look! 
Sun Visor Cap by Chris de Longpr√© on Ravelry

We recommend using Kollage Happiness, Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK, Ancient Arts Fibers DK, Mrs Crosby Carpet Bag, or Ewetopia Lima. All of these are available in our overstock store now. 

For our free crochet pattern, we have this super adorable fedora! 
Novi Hat by Lthingies on Ravelry

We recommend using MJ Yarns Peruvian Dream, MYak Baby Yak, or Monos Del Uruguay Classica.

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