Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Pattern Friday- These socks are toe-up from the flo up!

Are you #TeamToeUp or #TeamCuffDown? I am #TeamToeUp2atAtimeOnOneCircular! Whoa that was a mouthful. Now it is time to get out your circs for these amazing toe up sock patterns for

These Pole Dancer socks by Gabriela Langer are grooving so hard they "Toe up" the dance floor.
This Pole Dance is a sock with an unusual construction, originally designed by Krysten, Hypercycloid. This pattern is merely an adaptation of the original design from cuff-down to toe-up. Toe-up version developed by Alpine Adventures.

Please be aware that this pattern needs the original pattern, too.The instructions for the heel are given in the original pattern (Pole Dance), which can be downloaded for free. You might want to visit Krysten’s storeHypercycloid Designs to have a look at her other patterns!

So there are not a lot of crochet socks out there HOWEVER these "Outdoor Crochet Boots" by Ann Mancini-Williams caught my eye! It is not often you find such prettiness for combat boots! You can use any variegated or striping yarns to create these. Love!

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