Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: SOCKS!!!

Today we jump in our time machine, grab our train case full of knitting and visit February 2015. Think snow flurries, lots of down blankets and the toastiest hand knit socks ever! That is birth of our first sock box. Check out these beauties provided by none other than our own Heather! Cast on in the lovely acid green color of Koigu Sock.

The pattern is Intercalate by Ariel Altaras

 photo credit: Ariel Altaras

Friday, April 22, 2016

Free Pattern Friday in Memory of our Purple Prince

Everybody has fond memories of purchasing their first LP/tape/cd. My very first LP was Prince and the Revolutions, Purple Rain. My first tape was New Kids on the Block, and my first CD was Vanilla Ice. Don't judge me, I was 10 years old. My tastes have evolved since then. However the two main loves in my musical life have always, and will always be David Bowie and Prince! I tip my hat to the Artist formerly known as this symbol... Free pattern here.

With Prince, I remember bouncing around my house listening to his albums at top volume! On New Years Eve 1999, Prince's song "Party like it's 1999" was on repeat. I know I annoyed a few people that night. It was the song of the moment and will forever be on my new years playlist. Now on the day of Prince's passing it should be only fitting that I listen to the LP I purchased back in 1989, cry purple tears, and knit a raspberry beret!

RIP my purple prince! Here is all the purple yarn we have used in previous boxes.

Here are the free rav patterns for a knit and crochet Raspberry Beret.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throw back Thursday (4/21)

TBT Check out this Cedar Shimmer Shawl made in Sincere Sheep Luminous from the February 2015 box. Makes me want to cast-on!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March Classic Review

So last month we went to Britain where the sheep are a plenty. For March we ventured over to Tibet where nomadic herders gather Yak down from the Tibetan Plateau. Living in working with the herders for more than 20 yarns, MYack has processed this beautiful fibers in Italy and have developed beautiful natural yarns that we love to work with.

Myak uses ethically sourced 100% traceable wools directly from the nomadic herders. This improves their living conditions and gives them opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. The yarn is made from the downy undercoats of baby yaks. Here is your dose of cute for today.

They are like little fuzzy cows! I just want to snuggle them and love them and take them home with me. I think my partner would have a fit if I showed up with one of these in tow.

Here are this month's colors...
Midnight Blue

I know that a few people were surprised that the yarn came darker than expected. The reason for this is that they over dye the natural color (bottom left) and as you can see below these babies are predominantly a lovely shade of chocolate brown that tends to darken the colors in the dying process so the shades tend to be a dark muted color. In this box we sent out 2 skeins of 100% yak, with 125 yards each totaling 250 yards.

With this box, we featured two exciting patterns. The first is a set of Cabled Wristers by Tom Scott from the Myak designers collection. Here is a finished object from one of our ravelry peps The-Qiviut-Fairy. She knit these up so quickly which is a testament to how fast you can knit these up so you are ready for next month's box.

The second is a crocheted cowl by Rae Blackledge. I love the open work of this cowl making this a perfect accessory to your summer wardrobe. The motif reminds me of delicate clovers or a filigree pinwheel.
This month we featured a crochet stitch for our swatch and as you can see the stitch definition in this yarn is so lovely. After blocking the fibers tend to bloom slightly and it gives a pretty halo that is so wonderfully soft making it great for items that will be next to your skin. 

Over all our boxers are loving this yarn and we have seen a lot of other project that people are doing with this yarn on Ravelry! Join us there and show off your pretty pieces made with MYak.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March Luxe Musings: Buffalo Wool Co.

Our first Luxe box of 2016 had us bowled over by luxurious fiber, glorious color and amazing extras!  It all started with a little mood board.

What’s two-times warmer than wool, as soft as cashmere and as light as a feather? Bison! Combined with silk, it arrives to us this month as skeins of 2wo Sexy from The Buffalo Wool Co.

Theresa & Ron Miskin of The Buffalo Wool Co. have been raising bison with their family for over 30 years and creating yarn and other products made from the soft yet durable bison fiber. If you’ve never held a bison yarn before, you’re in for a real treat! Weight wise, it is lighter than light, hypo-allergenic, does not shrink like wool, and is crazy warm. 2wo Sexy is a luxurious blend of 50% bison down and 50% bombyx silk for a soft and lovely fingering yarn. With two skeins, you’ll have 400 gorgeous yards on your needles and hooks.

Left to Right: Graze, Headwater, Red River, Teasel (exclusive colors for Yarnbox)

The amazing knit and crochet designer, Melissa Leapman, joins us in this box with her Jillian Shawl in both knit and crochet. These triangular shaped shawls are fun to stitch and can be worn as a small shawl or scarf. Either way, you’ll want to keep what you make for yourself!

It was been a blast picking out the extras for this box! We included a set of 9 garment labels from Mountain Street Arts for those items you give as gifts and need to include care instructions. From the fun folks at Yarn Valet comes their yarnBowl which is just the right size for using at home or taking along when you knit and crochet outside the house. Also from Yarn Valet is their nifty yarnKey that helps you keep your tag with your wound yarn.

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