Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Socks Review: Yarn Enabler

March had us saying, "let them knit cake" with cakes of beautifully hand dyed yarn from Yarn Enabler!

Yarn Enabler dyer Amanda Barg hand dyes each of her skeins in blanks first before unwinding them into these gorgeous cakes.  A blank is a flat, machine knit piece that is then either hand painted or hand dyed.  Many times, yarns dyed this way are in beautiful gradients.  Amanda was gracious in giving us some additional pictures about her process.

Here, Amanda shows us the blanks being prepped before they get into the colors.

Then setting the color... for a bath...

...hung to dry...

...and ready to cake!

Amanda dyes her Fingering Wool in a double gradient meaning that you can pull from both the center of the cake and around to make a near-matching pair of socks two at a time.  Each cake is 390 yards (100 grams) of 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Nylon in beautiful, bright colorways.

Left to Right: Paradise, Sunset, Water, Torando

As if her colors weren't incredible enough, Amanda also designed for us the fabulous Winter Tornado sock pattern that celebrates the color changes in each cake.

It's been so much fun watching our members knit these up! Share your projects with us in our Ravelry group, on Instagram @yarnbox, Facebook and Twitter!

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