Thursday, February 11, 2016

Needles & Hooks: Kismet Fiber Works Sleek DK

I just finished two great projects with the Kismet Fiber Works Sleek DK that was sent out in our December 2015 Yarnbox Luxe.  From first touch, I knew the yarn was going to be AMAZING to work with and I wasn't the least bit disappointed.  In fact, I kind of want to add more to my collection!

Kismet Fiber Works is the beautiful work of Angie LeNoir and Stephanie Stotts from Botetourt County, Virginia where they hand dye their amazing fiber.  Sleek DK is a 50/50 blend of silk and merino wool that is soft and has a wonderful sheen.  In December, we sent out 6 great colors to members who received 3 skeins and I received So Fresh (third from the left).

So what was I to do with my 690 yards of loveliness?  I was first pulled to the Goldberry shawl by Michele DuNaier.  The smaller size says it takes 650 yds so that wouldn't leave me with too much left over.  I grabbed my fancy H hook and set out on the Goldberry adventure!

(One of my favorite crochet hooks from one of my favorite Etsy shops when they were still making hooks.  These are, sadly, no longer available.)

The Sleek DK was incredible to work with!  It has a lovely hand and has great stitch definition.  The dye on this yarn does an interesting thing.  You'll notice that the yarn has little "holidays" as I call them (a term I learned from Beth Casey when my crochet chapter toured Lorna's Laces).  They pop up here and there throughout the yarn giving an interesting tonal look to the yarn.  At the same time, the yarn has darker points that almost look like shadows.  These two factors make for an incredibly interesting finished piece.

After I finished the shawl, I had to decide how I was going to block it.  Normally, if a yarn has silk in it, I like to spray block it.  I'll pin it out first then pin it instead of soaking then pinning.  But this was an evenly split blend so maybe it would hold up better with soaking?  A friend of mine had also just finished her Kismet project and said hers did very well with a soak.  So...into the tub mine went and it came out with glorious results!

I was surprised to have more than 40 yards left over from this project.  In fact, I had almost an entire skein!  This gave me the great opportunity to also do a knit project (yes...I did a little dance at this point because YAY!!! I got to work with more Kismet!).

I needed to find a small project that would work for less than 230 yards of yarn (I figured I probably had around 200 yards).  I decided on the Gemstone Cowl by Sarah Ronchetti because it was one where I could go until I was almost out of yarn.

I've been working to increase my knitting skills and this was the perfect project for that.  It's a pretty basic stockinette pattern with garter stitches on the sides and a fun eyelet pattern in the center.  I did a provisional cast on for the first time as well as the Kitchener stitch.  My finished cowl ended up being shorter but it's still perfect to wear.  Like the shawl, the cowl blocked very nicely as well.

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