Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Socks Review: Mosaic Moon

New Year...New Yarn!  January was a big month for Yarnbox Socks.  Not only was it the first Yarnbox of the New Year but it also rounded out a full 12 months of our Socks box!  That means that many of our sock knitting members created 12 new pairs of socks from the yarns we hand picked for this special subscription.

We couldn't think of a better way to launch 2016 than with a yarn we were over the moon about: Birch Medium Twist Fingering from Mosaic Moon!  Each 3.5 oz. skein is 434 yards of 80% Merino Wool, 10% Nylon and 10% Cashmere (squeee!!!). 

Mosaic Moon’s Morwenna Palmehn has been creating artisan hand-dyed yarn and fibers since 2003.  Her family owned business takes great pride in creating hand dyeing each skein in beautiful variegated shades.  Skeins are dyed in small, individual batches which makes each skein a little unique from the next even in the same colorway.

Choosing which colors to send our members was not an easy one.  Mosaic’s colorways are so great that we found ourselves having trouble narrowing down to our favorites. So we had a little help! We called out to our fabulous Ravelry Mod Squad and had them choose their favorites to send out to all of you. And they did a marvelous job!

Bright: Zinnia, Vivid, Gridlock, Malachite
Muted: Bittersweet, Exhale, Lycanthropy, Cat’s Eye

An exquisite sock yarn like this needs an equally exquisite pattern!  Knit designer extraordinaire, Miriam L. Felton, created the Korda Socks pattern detailed with chevrons and a lacey foot.  This is a cuff-down pattern that is stylish and unique.

Talk about starting the year on the right foot!  If your 2016 goal is to knit a new pair of socks every month, then Yarnbox Socks is the right subscription for you.  Join us in all the fun and don't forget to check out our Ravelry group where yarn love surrounds us!

Thinking of subscribing after reading this post?

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