Tuesday, January 12, 2016

December Socks Review: Louet

In December, we sent our members a little something different in their Yarnbox Socks boxes.  We didn't send just one skein of great sock yarn, we sent 3 for a fabulous set of stripey socks!  And best yet, the yarn comes to us from Louet, a company with a long history of creating beautiful yarns for all of us.

Louet is known for offering exceptional fibers in incredible colors. Their Gems Fingering is 100% merino wool that is plied making it more of a heavy fingering. Fitting for socks to wear this time of year! Each skein is 185 yards and each box had 3 skeins in coordinating colors giving our members an amazing 555 yards to work with!

We chose four color sets for our members to create their next pair of warm, toasty socks!

Top Row (Bright): Red + Peacock + Fluorescent Green; Teal + Lavender + Mint
Bottom Row (Muted): Brick + Heron Grey + Limestone; Blush + Cloud Grey + Olive or Fern

There was a little something extra in each box this month: Stitch markers from Crows Nest Wool! Yarnbox member Holly Price shares with us her line of seasonal stitch markers to keep our members on track when making their socks.

Paired with these great skeins was an equally fabulous pattern.  Our very own Yarnbox member, Jessica K. Larson of GooseBear Knits, designed the Tilson sock pattern with its transitional stripes and afterthought heel.  It's been so much fun seeing our members finish them in all the different color groupings!

Create your own stripe combination with skeins of Louet from our Overstock Shop!

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