Monday, December 14, 2015

November Socks Review: Seven Sisters Arts

November was such a thrilling month for our Yarnbox Socks subscribers with the gorgeous colors of Seven Sisters Arts in their Meridian sock yarn.

Karen Grover from Seven Sisters Arts has a keen eye for color.  Every colorway of this hand dyed yarn had us swooning, making the choice of what to include a difficult one.  The four colors we chose have gorgeous variegation, rich in color and transition.

Colorways: Venus, Cripple Creek, Huginn, Damselfly

We were excited to have the Cripple Creek colorway launched in our Yarnbox Socks!  Our members on Ravelry got a little more insight on the naming of a couple colorways from Karen that I just had to share here as well:

"Once I was trying to develop a color on yarn that was like the iridescence on raven’s wings, when I thought about the colors I realized there is purple, blue, teal, magenta. So I made two colors one a dark teal and the other a dark purple/magenta. I was then trying to figure out what the heck to name them, reading about ravens and stumbled upon the story of the Norse God of the Sky, Odin who had two ravens that accompanied him, one on each shoulder. They would travel around the world and bring him back news, their names were Huginn and Munin (pronounced hoo-ginn and moo-nin). Bingo!

"Cripple Creek was developed for Yarnbox and I loved it so much I made a couple other coordinating colors and named them after turquoise varieties that are often named after the mine where they originated from. Also Neil Young."

It's so much fun to hear the story behind a yarn and its name!  Thank you so much, Karen, for sharing this with all of us.

Meridian's fiber is great to work with and perfect for making your next pair of socks.  Paired with this lovely colored yarn was knit designer Trelly Hernandez with her Cable Party sock pattern. This toe-up design features lots and lots of cables that show off every color in the Meridian skeins.

We understand that not every skein of sock yarn acquired in one's stash will be destined for socks.  One of the great things about the yarn we send in each box of Yarnbox Socks is that it's enough for a pair of knit socks OR any small, fingering weight knit or crochet project.  Later this week, I'll talk about my skein of Meridian and the non-sock project it's become. 

Skeins of Meridian are available for purchase in our Overstock Shop!  Get yours today!

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