Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September Socks Review: Rain City Knits

Solid or variegated? With sock yarn, it seems like anything goes -- crazy colors, bright, wild variegation, and intricate patterns are all reasons why sock knitting continues to make the top of our list for projects to do. Of course, it's not always best to combine all of these things into one single sock, so when we feature a great designer known for intricate patterns, like Rachel Coopey, we like to partner her work with a great semi-solid yarn dyer like Rain City Knits!

Rain City Knits has a great selection of semi-solids (including some fantastic neons that you might want to explore on your own!) We chose some of our favorites for this shipment to satisfy both the 'Muted' and 'Bright' lovers in our membership. It was fun to see them arrive and brighten up mailboxes -- surprisingly, one of the most sought-after colors was the Steel Grey!

Rachel's patterns never disappoint, and we were pleased to finally share the news that not only would this box feature a pattern from her, but also our latest box (just shipped out last week) would have a double-whammy surprise from this great designer! We really can't wait to for you to get your boxes this month. This pattern is called Jacinta, and features sweet cables on the delicate Wasabi colorway.

Stay tuned for even more exciting things happening in next month's Socks subscription! 

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Note: Socks ships in a bag, not in the box pictured above. 

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