Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bright vs. Muted

I think out of every question we get through our customer service panel, the number one question I hear most is: What is the difference between bright and muted? 

Today we're tackling this question on the blog and hopefully helping a few more members find the perfect 'sweet spot' for making their Yarnbox subscription exactly what they want each month! While we realize that color is a very subjective setting, here at Yarnbox we try and have a simple way of classifying each color we send out -- Bright or Muted.

The "Nothing Too Bright" setting means that you prefer muted yarns instead of those with saturated, vivid, or vibrant tones. If you choose this setting, you'll get more earthtones, pastels, neutrals and dark colors.

The "Nothing Too Muted" setting means that you like bright yarns instead of those with soft, pastel, earthy or neutral tones. If you choose this setting, you'll get more vivid, vibrant, and possibly neon colors.

Here are some examples of past Bright and Muted color choices. Note -- these are just examples, and colors are decided on a case by case basis each month, and also are relative to the dyer's style. If one dyer mostly does softer tones, we'll pick the brightest soft tones they have for bright, and the best selections for muted that we can find. Vice versa, if a dyer does only saturated jewel tones, we'll try and classify those to match your selections, too.

Bright Examples:

Muted Examples:

Of course, some colors are way harder than others, especially those with lots of variegation. When we're choosing a hue classification for heavily variegated colorways, we try and pick the overall tone of the yarn and go from that. 

You can change your color settings at any time by simply logging into your Yarnbox account and clicking the 'view and edit' button next to your subscription, then selecting the right choices for you: 

Make sure you click Submit Preferences afterwards, or your new settings won't be saved! You can set preferences differently for each subscription by choosing the 'for this subscription' button, or change the preferences for ALL subscriptions by choosing the 'for all subscriptions' button. There are time limits on setting your preferences -- once the labels are printed and packing begins, any changes will roll over for the next box. 

Hopefully this quick rundown helps you make the most of your subscription choices!

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