Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Socks Review: Phydeaux Designs

There's just something special about Phydeaux Designs yarns! In early 2014, we shipped out a box featuring their Caresse base (now discontinued) that became one of our members' most favorite boxes that year. After another year and a half, it seemed about time to share the Phydeaux devotion with members of another club -- Yarnbox Socks.

At first glance, you may think that this yarn is simply variegated - short, abrupt dashes of color throughout. However, we particularly love Brenda's approach to variegation because she does an amazing job with transitioning and blending the colors, while still letting them stand on their own. This creates a lovely, tonal variegated fabric as the yarn knits or crochets up, and makes for some truly exceptional socks!

We sent out a gathering of five beautiful colors to our August 2015 Socks subscribers, including one new colorway Brenda developed for us -- Figue, a gentle purple and golden toned yarn that is already getting lots of attention from customers and designers alike.

Of course, we can't send a beautiful shipment of Socks without an equally beautiful and inspiring pattern. Designer Katherine Vaughan delivered on this promise for us with her lovely Dark Hollow Falls Socks. These socks use panels of reverse stockinette (purl side) to break up the variegation and highlight the diamond patterning and ribbing in other areas of the socks.

I love the way the color seems to glow and generate its own light. It's almost as if Brenda's dye work activates a sense of chiaroscuro, a beautiful relationship between the lightest colors and darkest colors in every skein! What color did you get from this shipment, and what are you making?

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