Thursday, September 24, 2015

Amongst Friends: The Yarnbox Community on Ravelry

Every month, Team Yarnbox works to curate an exciting combination of incredible yarn and patterns that will bring you joy and inspire your next project.  In addition to all this yarny goodness is the incredible community of Yarnbox subscribers on Ravelry.

Our Ravelry group page is the go to place for many of our subscribers looking to see what others are making with their monthly boxes.  Each box has a designated discussion thread where members celebrate receiving their latest Yarnbox and begin plotting their next fiber adventure.  If you can't wait till your box arrives and you just need to know what's inside, you'll find spoilers in these threads.  If you prefer to have Christmas every month, you may want to avoid the threads that say **Spoilers**.

A special ISO (in search of) and Destash thread is set up for those looking to sell, trade, or find some yarn from a Yarnbox shipment that's no longer available in backstock.  This is also a great place where new members who have just joined can look for yarn from previous boxes that they may have missed.

Occasionally, we have special Ravelry events for our members.  Currently, our Yarnbox Summer Sweater KAL/CAL is winding down while our #WatchMeWip competition is heating up.  Both groups have sparked great discussions that help in motivating everyone through their projects and offer assistance to those who get stuck along the way.

 #watchmewip Team Seekers of the Golden Stitch member gawm

 #watchmewip Team Fellowhip of the WIP member tinyknit

 #watchmewip Team Knights Who Say KNIT! member ceraphina

Our group is managed by an amazing group of moderators that are also subscribers and help answer questions and make your experience just that more fun.  Because, when it involves yarn, isn't that what it's all about?!

Join our Ravelry group at and stay updated on all the happenings, events, contests, and content of each Yarnbox shipment.  And better yet, see all the lovely finished knit and crochet pieces handcrafted by our talented members. 

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