Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Watch Me Wip Event!

We couldn't be more excited to announce the newest Yarnbox event, Watch Me Wip! Inspired by the trendy song of the summer, Silento's Watch Me:

Yup, this catchy earworm is everything we'd want in an event -- color, silliness and a lot of fun! The Ravelry group's Mod Squad and I hatched a plan for a fun new event where Yarnbox members can get everything off their needles in time for upcoming holiday knitting (or just fall knitting, whatever suits you,) in a fun way with prizes and camaraderie.

For the next two weeks, we'll be asking members to sign up on Ravelry and choose 5 wips that they'd like to complete in the duration of the event (August 24th - October 31st at midnight CDT/CST.) You can read all of the official rules here, but just in case, here's a rundown:

- For the next two weeks, **until August 24th**, we'd like you to sign up here with a list of wips (works-in-progress) you'd like to complete before the event ends on **November 1**. **Each participant may have a maximum of 5 wips that qualify for this event, so choose things you really want to finish and that will count for the most points if you do!**

- On August 24th, the Mod Squad will divide all participants into teams and assign all wips point values (each wip is worth 1, 2, or 3 points based on size and complexity of projects.) At that point, the event officially begins. You are welcome to keep working on your wips up until the date of the event starting, but remember that if you finish it before the start date, it will not count in your tally. Teams are going to be divided as evenly as possible based on overall point value.

- All projects considered for points should be tagged #watchmewip and linked on the Ravelry signup thread. The #watchmewip tag should go into the 'tags' section of your project entry on Ravelry. **ALL projects must be entered into your Ravelry project listings WITH a picture and start date to qualify, by August 24th.**

- Points will be tallied monthly based on #watchmewip completed projects, and a progress bar will be shown for each team! Work hard on getting things off the needles to earn points and work your team towards victory and an awesome team prize of Yarnbox Swag Bags (featuring all kinds of Yarnbox branded goodies like project bags, buttons, stickers and more!)

Here's a quickie checklist -- make sure you have all these steps completed before August 24th:

1. Make sure all the wips you want to compete with are entered into your Ravelry project notebook with tag #watchmewip and a photo.

2. Announce here your intention to participate before August 24th and include a list of your wips (no more than 5 per participant!)

3. Mod teams will be announced and you'll be tagged by your team moderators -- participate in team threads!

3. The event starts on August 24th and ends at midnight CST/CDT October 31. Be sure to update your project entries on Ravelry with progress as you go along and announce any completed wips in your team thread.

4. Work hard, win fun Yarnbox Swag!

This event welcomes ALL wips, regardless of the yarn they are using -- the idea is to clear your needles for all those fun Yarnbox projects you can't wait to cast on for gifts or otherwise this fall!

Head on over to the Ravelry group to participate!

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