Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Socks Review: Oink Pigments Sock

I love a nice, simple sock pattern.

There's something about slipped stitches, simple knits and purls or even just plain stockinette that really shows off the beauty of hand-dyed and variegated yarns. The color changes and interplay really show up when uninterrupted by complicated lace, cables or textures.

Basic patterns also have the added bonus of being really great for beginning sock knitters and building a solid sock drawer. For our Yarnbox Socks subscription, we try to send a good mix of both simple, basic patterns and more complicated patterns -- just the same way we try to send a mix of yarn colors and dye methods, too.

For our July socks shipment, we partnered up with a Yarnbox member and long-time participant in the Ravelry group, Jessica Larson. She's designed socks for us before in past Classic boxes, and it seemed just the right time to bring her back and create a beautiful sock pattern to match up with the wide variety of visual effects provided by Oink Pigments, our dyer for July.

We know our members loved knitting up this pattern in all of the different colors Oink Pigments dyed for them. A bevy of summery blues, paired up with pops of color or swapped for purples, greens and browns, made a great foundation for some summer socks. The smooth ply of this yarn makes for great all weather socks (not just wintery ones!)

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