Tuesday, August 18, 2015

July Classic Review: Pepperberry Sport Weight Cashmere

Sometimes, we get a chance to send something really special to our Classic subscribers. Not that what we send isn't special already -- each month we try to outdo ourselves -- but occasionally, a yarn company comes along and makes it possible for us to send our most popular subscription a really unique product.

In 2013, we partnered up with Bijou Basin Ranch and sent everyone a yarn blended with deliciously luxurious yak fiber. In 2014, our December box featured a possum, polworth and alpaca yarn all the way from New Zealand. This year, our July box was the lucky strike, with two skeins of sport-weight, 100% cashmere from Pepperberry Knits out of Idaho.

For such a special box, I wanted not only the softness of cashmere, but also a new way of highlighting Pepperberry Knits' full range of colors. Heidi, the owner, has a great range of solids, but it seemed like the marled colorways (marled is two or more colors plied together to create a mottled, speckled fabric), would be a fun twist on classic cashmere. We chose some of our favorites to send to our members from her great selection:

While they can seem a bit unusual and possibly intimidating in the hank, these yarns knit up into a relatively even fabric that has just enough interest to create stunning, unusual pieces. Our designer this month, Mary Beth Temple, came up with two patterns that highlighted the lusciousness of a little bit of cashmere. Both Medallion Shawlettes keep the cashmere where we like it -- close to the neck! The Medallion Shawl to Crochet and Medallion Shawl to Knit have already been cast on by a few members:

What color did you get, and what are you making?

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