Thursday, August 20, 2015

Exploring Color: Marled

There are so many ways that color can be applied to yarn, and so many effects! We thought it was time to talk about some of them here on the blog so that our members can get acquainted with some of the great techniques and color types that they can experience through Yarnbox subscriptions.

For the July shipment of Classic, we got to share a special type of color application called marling. Marled yarn is where each of the plies -- typically two, but sometimes three or more -- are different colors. You can have extremely stark differences in color (see some examples of black and white marling below) or you can have subtle differences, like in these Pepperberry Knits skeins from the July shipment:

This technique can also be achieved and customized by taking two solid colored yarns and double stranding them throughout a project. The possibilities with this technique are limitless! Think about creating fabrics with colors that pop against each other (like fluorescent orange and heather grey) or colors that blend into one another (like emerald green and lime.)

Marling can add a subtle dimensionality to an otherwise-solid project choice. When knit or crocheted, each stitch has slight differences in the way the marl faces, giving it an overall speckled look. This has been very popular lately in all types of fashion design and pattern design! Here are a few great examples:

Marled Wave pattern by Stephen West
Colorblock Marled sweater from J.Crew Fall 2014
Provence Marled Cardigan pattern by Pam Allen 

Boyfriend Hat pattern from Purl Soho
Marled Madness pattern by Stephen West
Humbolt Sweater "marlisle" pattern in progress from Anna Maltz

Newsboy Hat Hannah by Heidi Hennessey
Fairlington Cowl by Tanis Grey
Paros Hat by Robin Allen

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