Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Second Annual YB Christmas in July Swap!

If you aren't active in our Ravelry group, here's yet another reason to go over there! We're in the middle of wrapping up our moderator-run, second-annual Christmas in July gift swap. This event, which started in 2014, celebrates the slightly slower summertime for Yarnbox members with a member to member exchange. 70 amazing folks from all over the world signed up in mid-May for the swap and planned packages tailor made for their swap partners to ship out in July. Yarnbox members love to spoil each other!

As the primary admin for the group and also someone very active in the Yarnbox forum, I can never resist participating in this swap, so of course I had to sign up! I always have a lot of fun getting to know another member really personally, and this round I had Denise, who loves ocean colors, Boston Terriers, tuxedo cats and, of course, great yarn and knitting. While I was busy rounding up some of her favorite things, my secret partner, Ana, was busy putting together a fantastic package just for me!

One of my favorite things about Ana's package was her sense of humor. She wrote out a note to me (complete with Spoiler Alert) telling me why she chose all the special things to go into my Totoro themed package. For those of you not familiar, My Neighbor Totoro is an adorable anime film from Studio Ghibli. It has beautiful, whimsical details that have captured the hearts of people the world over (including mine!) I am a huge Studio Ghibli fan and through her research, which we call stalking for the swap, Ana put together a really fantastic themed package for me.

When I opened my box, I was greeted with the Paperchase bag you see on top with a doily print (I've been carrying it non-stop since I opened it -- great knitting bag or all purpose summer tote!) Then all these little wrapped packages were waiting. I love that Ana spoke to the Christmas in July swap by wrapping them in holiday papers!

The goodies were fantastic! I am truly and utterly spoiled, especially by the amount of personal time Ana put in crocheting the Totoro dolls and making sure all the details were just right! She got me yarn, fiber, and some of my favorite candies, stitch markers and an adorable storage bag -- and so much more!

Don't miss out on the fun of this swap (or any other Yarnbox events) -- join us in the Ravelry group right now!

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  1. This is just lovely. New to Yarnbox, I look forward to being a part of this next year.


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