Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On the Hook: Playing with Mrs. Crosby

I swear that June's Classic Box came to me glowing with a singing chorus as I opened it.  The ever sophisticated Mrs. Crosby does, indeed, love to play and the fiber content of her yarn does not disappoint.  With a blend of 80% merino and 20% silk, her Carpet Bag yarn was love at first touch.

Before I get into my project, let's talk about color.  I can honestly say that there wasn't a color chosen for the boxes that I didn't like.  Mrs. Crosby considers some of these colors nearly solids like the Hollywood Cerise and Sunset Regatta while others she calls multis like the African Grey and the Great-Tailed Grackle.  They all work up with varying tonal changes from light to dark to light again, giving your final work additional depth.

So...what to make with this decadent yarn that I would be completely content with just holding and petting?  Initially, I thought the search for a crochet pattern worthy of my Great Tailed Grackle hanks would take some time.  I wanted a pattern that would showcase the yarn's color and texture.  I didn't have to look far.  The Budding Crocus pattern designed by knottygnome crafts, Sara Peterson, came with the Classic Box and was a perfect fit.

This pattern is great for both the beginner who is looking for a small, additional challenge with the puff stitch as well as the more advanced crocheter who wants a stylish pattern with easy to remember repeats.  It's just what I needed for relaxing summer evenings of crochet.

I could tell with my first few stitches that the Carpet Bag would have great drape to it.  Throughout the pattern, I kept debating if I should plan to block the finished shawl or leave it as is.  I think it would be great either way.  Even if I do choose blocking, though, I don't think I'll need to do it aggressively.  It may just need a light forming and nothing more.

It's always such a joy working with a silk blend.  I'm normally a pretty quick crocheter but with silks and silk blends, I find myself taking my time a little more, savoring the stitches and the feel of the fiber through my fingers.  And when the yarn is a great color (especially my favorite color, green), my joy is even more enhanced.  I wondered if great-tailed grackles ever coasted through fields of budding crocuses like I was with this project.

So it's safe to say that I was truly lost in the pattern and the yarn while crocheting.  I was so lost that I didn't stop where the pattern said I should to begin the border.  I did the repeat two more times than I should have. 


What was there to do?  With the additional rows, I didn't have enough yarn to put the ruffle edge on as written so if I wanted to do that, I'd have to rip back the last group of repeats.


That's generally not something I like to do, especially with yarn as lovely as this.  And it made me sad to do that with this project.  I made the decision to do another row of puff stitches with additional stitches skipped between them so they'd lay on an angle and give a small, scalloped edge.

I'm still debating on whether or not to block but I'm leaning more towards a light, spray blocking to finish off the shawl.  I also haven't decided whether this is going into my gifting stash or if it will be staying in my personal wardrobe.  Since it's my favorite color, I think it's home may be with me.

Oh...and did I mention that our remaining skeins of Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag are now available to members in our overstock store?  Time to indulge in those other colors I was mentioning and add to the stash.



  1. Oh my GOSH that's just lovely! Can't wait to start this project in the Hollywood Cerise :-D

  2. Aimee, Aimee...you are so creative!!!

  3. Beautiful. No way could I give that up. And I'm a knitter!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. I got the green as well and I thought the budding crocus was the perfect pattern for it. I liked it so much I bought the Hollywood Cerise and Icebox Watermelon and plan to pair them together in a shawl.


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