Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Socks Musings: Mollygirl Diva

We don't do a lot of yarns we'd call novelty through Yarnbox. Mostly because our members have given us feedback that they aren't really into it, and also because many novelties are synthetic fibers (something we never, ever feature as the main base for a yarn.) That said, occasionally even crafters who love the classics like to branch out a little and have something special to work with. Sock yarn is a great place to experiment with unusual dyeing methods and colors, but what about textures? I think a little glitter is a welcome addition to the standard lineup of classic sock yarns.

Over the past year, I have seen so many sparkling sock yarns, of varying textures. Sometimes while they'll feel soft in the skein, the addition of Stellina, Angelina, or Firestar (all sparkling elements) can create a rough texture when worked into a fabric. The tiny fibers poke and prod the user and make it difficult to wear these glittering beauties next to skin. So when Michael suggested that we do a sparkling sock yarn, we started the hunt for the perfect one -- not too much scratch with our sparkle!

Mollygirl Diva is a standard sock yarn for the most part: 75% Merino and 20% Nylon make for a durable, reliable sock yarn. The added bonus of 5% Stellina (labeled as 'other' on Ravelry), adds just a little oomph to this yarn, creating a great choice for those who like to add some glitz to their knits. The most important part about choosing this yarn was that it met not only the visually pretty requirement of a sparkling sock yarn, but also the touch and feel part. Feet are sensitive! I am proud to report that this yarn is sock-worthy, and in fact knits up quite smoother than many of its competitors, as evidenced by the beautiful socks that designer Cynthia Levy designed for this box.

The Razzle Dazzle sock pattern is adorned with cables. In Mollygirl's Red Lip Classic colorway (no doubt inspired by the Taylor Swift song, Style), this sock shines. Many members have already worked it up and found that the yarn is excellent at showing off every stitch and the sparkle effect is enhanced by the lacy eyelets and twisted stitch textures.

For the photoshoot, I didn't want anything to draw away from the beautiful textures in these socks, but it seemed like taking photos against a plain wall background (or plain white) would be too boring. I wanted something that spoke to the inspiration for the colorway, the stark contrast of red on white and black (classic colors on their own) and hinted at a classier glitz and glamour.

I found exactly what I needed, oddly enough, in the 1910 tile bathroom of my parent's house! With honeycomb tile on the floor and subway on the walls, all grouted with black, it made a stunning contrast to the red socks.

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