Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June Classic Review: Mrs.Crosby Carpet Bag

Coordinating Yarnbox is a lot like putting together a present for someone you don't know every month of the year. Each box has to be something special and stand out among the other boxes, but with so many great yarns, it's not as if I can pick one that 'shines' - each month has to be unique but special in its own way. This means that the texture, color application, dye method, fiber content, and structure of each yarn is taken into consideration. We could certainly fill every month of the year with similar yarns, but where would the fun be in that?

For June, we elected to send a brand that has generated a lot of buzz since its launch. Mrs. Crosby is a mysterious female figure who (we assume) travels the world, spreading her love of great wool and knitting knowledge to others while exploring faraway, exotic locales. The brand is built on her mystery, and no actual dyer is named on their website -- Mrs. Crosby is a unique brand in the industry in this way.

Carpet Bag, the yarn we picked for the June Yarnbox, is an 80% merino, 20% silk single with lots of shine and drape. This yarn can be worked at a true DK gauge on size 6 needles, but like most singles yarns, the softness of the spin allows for some extra versatility. I tried swatches on needles ranging from US 3 - US 9 with great results. Smaller needles, as expected, yield a tighter, less likely to pill fabric, while larger needles give a smooth, elegant fabric that will need a little extra care (but be well worth it!) I think this makes it well suited to everything from small accessories, like a pair of feminine handwarmers, all the way up to garments.

I chose the colors for our June shipment carefully. The palette (which you can see here) has a lot of dark, moody tones. It's great for the vintage Victorian traveller vibe going on with the brand, but not so great when you have to pick half 'bright' and half 'muted' tones for a bunch of different people! In the end, we settled on some of the semi-solid and tonal colorways rather than those with variegation:

Of course, patterns get an equal amount of consideration in our boxes, too. For Mrs. Crosby, our designers needed to come up with ways to highlight their stitch choices while also making the yarn shine. With singles yarns, sometimes stitch definition is lost with too much detail. I especially love the crochet pattern for this month, designed by Sara Peterson out of New York. Sara created a kerchief-style shawlette that is effortlessly cool, soft and girly in the African Grey Parrot colorway:

For me, there's something wonderfully special about puff stitches! The knitting pattern, Kala, did equally well with members and already has dozens of projects being made on Ravelry thanks to designer Gabrielle Henry's Kala KAL. Want to join in the fun?

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  1. I received the beautiful rich color Hollywood Cerise. I have not decided what I am going to crochet with it...yet!


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